• ID.AZ Face Fit

ID.AZ Face Fit

ID.AZ Face Fit

Cosmetic products that help make a smaller face
Through slimming, volumizing, and tightening
depending on the various face shapes

What is ID.AZ Face Fit?

Face Fit line provides customized solutions
to achieve a smaller and dimensional face.
Achieve a smaller and dimensional face line with
the ID.AZ Face Fit line products now.
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ID.AZ Face fit’s strengths

Building each layer one by one with
3 different kinds of Face fit filler Ample,
Transform your face by perfecting a dimensional face line.
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Clinical Testing Completed

3 different kinds of Face Fit Filler Ample
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Face Fit T fit-ler Ample

Improvement in volume in the forehead and in between the forehead by 18.21%
after 4 weeks of use

Face Fit A Fit-ler Ample

Firmness Improvement in A zone By 6.05% after 4 weeks of use

Face Fit V fit-ler Ample

Improvement in lifting and reducing the double chin’s thickness By
-1.38ml after 4 weeks of use

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Face Fit CU-V Tensioning SLEEPING PACK
=Plumped face over night-total sleeping pack that gives a fitting effect
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Face Fit CU_V Tensioning SLEEPING PACK
ID’s choice as face line experts
Recommending 3D total solution for a younger-fit face
+3D Face line
+All-in-one sleeping
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Face Fit CU_V Tensioning Sleeping Pack
*Following information pertains to the ingredients, not the product
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This ingredient helps sagged face line to be smooth by helping the Elastin’s acceleration promoting as well as maintaining

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Owning 2 Patents
(Application in the process)

- Cosmetic products for slimming purpose that has combined extracts of Turmeric, Thesiu, and Yam as well as mulberry
- Cosmetic creation purpose for skin improvement containing mixtures of fermented extracts from Roots, Licorice and Burnet

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SDC(Sodium deoxycholate)

Is a ingredient that Accelerate lipolysis in skin and help tightening face line to make it smooth.