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Pin Removal

Pin Removal

Pin removal is not necessary for every bone surgery.
Removal can be done to erase surgery trace.

What is pin removal and do I really need it?

Pin removal is the surgery that you may consider after V line surgery, Double jaw surgery, or Cheekbone reduction. There will be up to 9 pins (Usually V line surgery 1~2/ Orthognathic surgery 4~) on the skull after facial bone surgery and it will be remaining there for good unless you want to remove them. It is safe since it made with titanium pins which also used for bone fracture issue. However, if you don’t want them to be shown on the X-rays and CT Scans, you may consider to remove them from 6 months to 1 years post surgery.


※ The above image is for understanding. Pinning site may vary based on operating hospital’s surgical method and treatment.

Remove VS Not to Remove



Because you do not want to reveal surgery experience
Because pins will show on the X-rays or CT scan
Because metal pins on the face bothers you


Because they are harmless and made with surgical/treatment purpose titanium
Because  they do not make any noise when you pass by the airport security check
Because they are safe with x-rays, CT-scans, and MRI

For those who hesitate if the pins
have to be removed or not.

id Hospital

“Pins help to fix the bones and attach together.

1 year after bone will be completely attached but there is no need for removal!”

Q1:Fixing pins must be removed?

Do not necessarily need to be removed.

Materials used to make fixing pins are same as teeth implants, made for surgical and treatment purposes. They are harmless to the human body.

Q2:What’s the use of fixing pins?

They are used for the perfect fixation.

Two-jaw surgery treats upper and lower jaw at the same time. Fixing pins tightens up the bones for a safer and faster recovery.

Q3:When can you remove the fixing pins?

It varies on cases, the average is about six months after surgery or longer.

On average, patients remove fixing pins 6 – 12 months after the surgery. However, the recovery may vary, kindly recommend plan your surgery after preliminary check-up.

Face to Face Consultation with doctor will be necessary. If you don’t want the pins from the beginning, our undetective pins could be option too. (Melting plastic which will be melted 1 year post surgery)

Surgery Information

Surgery time

30~40 minutes


General anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

About 2 weeks after

Recovery time

2~3 days

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos