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Non-incision SMAS Lift

Non-incision SMAS Lift

Reviving your skin age without incisions
creating a ‘Young-looking’ face
using Lift method with id’s high expertise!

What is Non-incision SMAS Lift?

It is a non-incisional lift procedure created by ID’s know-how. It absolutely lifts SMAS layer up, under the skin only with an elastic band. You can maintain elastic skin and a tightened facial line by fixing the cause of aging, and we will help you have a natural smile and attractive face right after the surgery.
Non-incisional SMAS Lifting requires short recovery and gives a notable effect. It is the most well-known business surgery for middle-aged or older people who want to achieve a young looking face for their competitive advantage.

Point 1

No incisions!
No scars!

Non-incisional treatment
Since we insert an elastic band without making incisions, any scars, swelling, or bruises won’t be left. You can expect a fast recovery after the procedure.
Point 2

Lifting SMAS layer without incisions

SMAS layer UP!
It not only improves the saggy skin but also lifts SMAS layer, which pointed to be a main cause of wrinkles and saggy skin. You can maintain high skin elasticity for a long time.
Double Lifting Skill

Accurate holding points for double lifting! Skin UP! SMAS UP!

What is SMAS layer?

(Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System)
SMAS layer refers to the Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System which is located between subcutaneous layer under dermis and muscular layer. Since it’s gravity sensitive, it creates wrinkles and causes saggy skin throughout time. If only the skin layer is lifted, will cause sagginess again because of the stretched SMAS layer. Therefore, you need to fix SMAS layer, the root cause of aging skin, in order to see a stronger lifting effect.

Benefits of Non-incision SMAS lift created by id’s know-how

1. Minimized recovery period

Since no incisions are made, no visible scars will be left. Hardly any swelling or bruises will be caused so you can expect fast return to your daily routine.

2. Long lasting effect

It lifts SMAS layer, preventing sagginess as much as possible and maintaining the lifting effect for a long time as well.

3. Natural look after surgery

Even when it holds the skin tight and strong, the elastic band plays its role as a ligament within the skin tissue, allows your face look natural even right after surgery.

[Safe lifting treatment for patients]

No side effects!

There won’t be any allergic reaction after the surgery, and the rate of infection or side effects is extremely low.

No pain!

Since we use a thread soft like subcutaneous tissue instead of a cog thread, you won’t have any pain after the surgery.

No surgical marks!

The component of elastic band is akin to human body tissue, and it won’t be visible or sensed when you touch it.

Patient’s skin condition, causes, and other issues will be considered in detail before undergoing surgery.
We make a personalized design that considered the direction, location, and quantities of elastic band.

We have done endless research & development and made numerous clinical results to create high-level non-incisional lift. The procedure will assure your SMAS layer is lifted.

Treatment Areas for Non-incisional SMAS Lift

id Hospital

Benefits of Non-incision SMAS Lift

  1. Long lasting and assured effect
  2. Elastic band with its safety guaranteed
  3. Natural face expression
  4. No scars or nerve damages left
  5. Recovery period is not required

Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 minutes


Local anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

About 1 week after

Recovery time

Right after surgery

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies accordingly to each patient so great attention is needed.

Before and After Photos