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Mentor breast surgery

Mentor breast surgery

Full breast volume proved by No. 1
mentor used hospital

id Hospital

Something special in No. 1 Hospital.

id Hospital

Why ID Hospital ?

Because, ‘we are No. 1!!’

id Hospital

Mentor implant usage No.1

id Hospital

4 year cumulative maximum
breast surgery record.

id Hospital

Hosting the live surgery for commemoration of mentor implant usage no.1

Full-Feeling, MemoryGel Xtra
Mentor MemoryGel Xtra

The most popular implant in the world ‘Mentor’
MemoryGel®Xtra provides the shape stability of a more highly cross-linked gel but the implant
maintains a natural softness!

Thin and strong cover.
Long-lasting volume, preventing leakage and rupture.

id Hospital

Premium implant : Not only internal
silicon but also outer skin have
approved by FDA “SAFE!”

id Hospital


Smoothly designed
lateral skin
Natural and soft texture.

id Hospital


Uniform surface for stable positioning.

Suitable for individual body shape
with better volume.

Only in ID clinic " New moderate high! "

id Hospital

As we secured 2022 NEW Collection ‘Moderate high’, through various projections
we can customize your body shape and create a more precise and ideal volume and also,
breast surgery for more optimized asymmetric correction is
able to be performed.

Reliable results validated
by a systematic system.

As it is made with 100% gel-filled, it has high shape retentivity with smooth side part.
Rich volume persistency and texture improvement has proven after surgery.

Reassuring policy, with reliable stability

id Hospital

Life time warranty

If revision surgery is
required due to implant defects,
exchanging the implant
for lifetime guaranteed.

id Hospital

Proven with 10-year data

Safety has proven
for Mentor implant from 10 year
follow up clinical result

Even with the same implant, ID
is special!

id Hospital

Same implant? Same breast?
Even though it is same implants
designed only for you!

Not only shape and size but also extraordinary volume!

No.1 selling, the Mentor implant meets ID’s know-how
for great texture on breast implants. It brings you and your breast the most satisfaction!

ID personal intensive care system

for both pre-and post surgery.

id Hospital

Pre and post surgery up close interpretation

Proper language interpreter assignment before surgery. 1 on 1 up close interpretation
provided after surgery.

id Hospital

Bloodless & painless surgery

Use a full HD endoscope to find the exact location to desquamate. This helps to reduce the recovery period by reducing bleeding and
pain during surgery.

id Hospital

Pre-surgery examination

Provide breast ultrasonography
to check breast and Implant condition.

id Hospital

Breast care
cooperation system

The aftercare program helps for fast recovery Through high frequency and scar laser treatment, we provide best surgery result and make
recovery time shorter.

id Hospital

Self-developed shaping underwear

Breast center medical team developed
corset compression type shaping underwear. Fix the implant’s posture after surgery.

id Hospital

Co-developed bra

ID clinic and underwear brand Vivian co-developed forming bra for daily use. It helps holding underline
and breast fit.

id Hospital

Precise diagnosis, treatment in one shot!

When benign breast lesion found during pre-operation ultra sounds check up, without surgical incision the Mammotome treatment will proceed immediately.


Plastic surgeons only for
breast surgery X breast
surgeon cooperation system!

id Hospital
  • Dr. In Seok Shin M.D.

    Perform safe breast surgery through realistic and accurate analysis.

  • Dr. Ji Eun Jung M.D.

    Texture, volume, shape Fast catcher on customer’s needs
    #precise #insight

  • Dr. Il Hwan Byun M.D.

    Performed various cases. Great sense & skillful

  • Dr. Ok Hee Lee M.D.

    Detailed ultrasound examination and interpretation specialized for breast augmentation
    #detail #confidence

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