• id Real After Care

id Real After Care

id Real After Care

Only ID can give the solution for a swollen face!

What is id Real After care?

Product developed made possible only by id which is
Excellent for alleviating swelling and firmness
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Main Functions

id real care products
Alleviate swelling and blood circulation simultaneously

Real After Care Cream

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Blood circulation
Healthy care through activating the slowed circulation within the skin
Alleviate swelling
Reduces swelling built up in skin
Protects the skin
Protects the skin from external harmful environments by forming a skin protecting barrier

Soft Skin Barrier System

Biosaccharide Gum-1 is a fermentation gum derived polymer moisturizing agent and protects the skin
from harmful environments by creating a thin barrier over the skin.
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Swelling due to stress, Activated sensitive skin
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Apply soft skin barrier system
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Protects skin from harmful environments
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Calming irritated skin! Cares for the skin to become healthy by preventing irritation of skin from external stimulus

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Balancing imbalanced skin’s moisture! Taking care of moisture balance by delivering minerals like K, Mg, and Ca to the skin

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Reduce stress within the skin! Helps alleviate stressed skin that’s endlessly exposed to external harmful environments.