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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction in Korea

Firm breasts that do not need revision
Balanced and natural breasts

What is id Breast Reduction Surgery?

Beautiful breasts add balance to the body, and it’s important to have moderate volume and elasticity. However, if it is oversized, it can not only cause problems to outward appearance but also stress and back ache.

Breast Reduction in Korea corrects the size and elasticity of large breasts, and it will give them beautiful and natural breast size.

What are large breasts?

Heavy breasts get saggy due to the weight, which cause pain on shoulders and back as well as skin infection on the crease under the breasts. Aesthetical, physical, and psychological problems and diseases are the reason for getting Breast Reduction Surgery.

Korean breast Reduction size

Problems with large breasts

  • Pain on breasts, neck, shoulders, and waist
  • Scoliosis
  • Frequent headache
  • Stretch marks under the breasts
  • Skin infection under the breasts
  • Low self-esteem
Areola Incisional Method

It is an incisional method that cuts the edge line of areolas. Since the incisions are hidden on the thick border line of areolas, they won’t be visible. It reduces the skin around the areolas and the tissue of mammary glands. There might be wrinkles around the areolas right after surgery, but they will smoothen out naturally after 6 months up to a year. It’s effective for large and saggy breasts, and you can breastfeed after the surgery.

Breast Reduction areola incisional method
Vertical Incisional Method

After cutting the areolas, 4~5cm long vertical incisions are made downwards to remove breast tissue. It has an excellent effect of lifting the position of areolas as well as the entire breasts. It is also effective for correcting saggy breasts by reducing the skin under the breasts. It is suitable for most breasts regardless of their sizes, and you can breastfeed after the surgery since the sensation around the areolas is preserved.

Breast Reduction in Korea vertical incisional method
Vertical Incisional Method

Incisions are made on the underline of the breasts in addition to the vertical incisions. It can reduce a large amount of mammary gland tissue and skin, and it is a surgical method that can lift up the nipples that are positioned below. It is appropriate for excessively large and saggy breasts, and it is effective when there’s a large amount to reduce.

breast reduction in korea
Under Breast Incisional Method

It is an incisional method that cuts the crease under the breasts in addition to the incisions of areolas. It does not leave any scar on areolas except for the crease areas under the breasts. It is suitable for those who have comparatively small breasts or need correction for asymmetry. The surgery duration is shortened.

under breast reduction in Korea

Benefits of Breast reduction surgery

We minimized damage of blood vessels and nerves.

We prevent side- effects by identifying nerves and blood vessels of breast tissue through Full HD endoscope.

We create natural and elastic breasts.

A specialist with high expertise in breast surgery in Korea operates the surgery with a high satisfaction rate.

Almost no pain and scar! We promise you a fast recovery.

Minimal incision and detailed surgery reduce pain, and we promise you a fast recovery with almost no scars left.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

2~3 hours


General anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

About 10 days after

Recovery time

2~4 days

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.