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Men’s Facial Contouring

Male Plastic surgery in Korea - Facial Contouring

Masculine appearance but softly contoured!

Male Plastic surgery in Korea Facial Feature of Manhood

Male Plastic surgery in Korea

High L Cheekbone Reduction


Maximum reduction effect on facial width through High-L Cheekbone Reduction!

male cheekbone reduction in Korea

Location of osteotomy on side cheekbone

Upper part of the separating point between orbital bone and cheekbone

Volume on frontal cheekbone

Definite volume on frontal cheekbone by cutting and moving the cheekbone including MMP of protruded cheek

▶ 20 minutes~1 hour / Sedation or general anesthesia / No hospitalization

▶ Removal stitches after 2 weeks / Back to normal routine after 1 week

▶ Protruded cheekbone moved to frontal MMP to reduce facial width

MVT Square Jaw Reduction


Creating a natural and slim V-line!


▶ 1 hour / General anesthesia / 1 day of hospitalization

▶ Removal stitches after about 2 weeks / Back to normal daily routine after a week

▶ Excision of cortical bone and the body of jaw bone for a slimming effect on frontal face

Mini V Line Front Chin Surgery


Reduced length and adjusted location for a sharp front chin!


▶ 30~40 minutes / General anesthesia / No hospitalization

▶ Removal of stitches after about 2 weeks / Back to normal routine after 2~3 days

▶ T osteotomy for reducing length, narrowing the tip for V-line effect

Special features of contouring surgery for men

    1. acute, pointed, keen
    2. drastic
    3. vivid, clear
   1. trendy
   2. following the trend
   3. quickly adjusts to change

Specializing in facial bone operations – The history of facial contouring in Korea


Special Techniques for Facial Contouring with Unrivaled Orthognathic Surgery Skills

id has been at the center of advancing medical technology especially on orthognathic surgery. It has been making history from establishing a specialized hospital in orthognathic surgery to introducing many innovative surgeries based on a variety medical cases and in-house developments.


Perfectionism with advanced science

Through detailed analysis, we pursue a safe surgery on the lower face and develop High-L osteotomy resulting in optimal effects. We perform contouring surgeries safely and perfectly, using endoscopy for facial contouring.


Information about Men’s Facial Contouring Surgery

Man’s Facial Contouring Surgery
High-L Cheekbone Reduction
MVT Square Jaw Reduction
Mini V Line Front Chin Reduction
Protruded side cheekbone by 45°,
Middle facial area looks wide
Angular jaw on the side, lower jaw looks thick Short and side face or tilted chin with an asymmetrical jaw line
Duration of surgery
20 minutes~1 hour 1 hour 30 minutes 30~40 minutes
Type of anesthesia
General anesthesia General anesthesia General anesthesia
Not required 1 day Not required
Removal of stitches
After 2 weeks After 2 weeks After 2 weeks
Recovery process
1 week 1 week 2~3 weeks
Moving the protruded MMP outside cheekbone to the front to reduce the width of face Removing the thick cortical bone to reduce volume and create a natural V line T osteotomy to shorten and narrow the chin and create a V line

Before and After Photos