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Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery in Korea

How to become more feminine with surgery.
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What is Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)?

facial feminization surgery before and after

Korean Facial feminization surgery(FFS) is for anyone who wants to have a soft, feminine structure not only face but also body. People are looking for facial feminization surgery to improve their face or body shape.

Even though the majority of patients are transgender, many female patients want to change their masculine bone structure and balance through FFS surgery. V-line surgery, Cheekbone reduction, Rhinoplasty, Forehead reduction, Browbone shaving etc. are the common procedures for the facial feminization surgery (FFS).

Ultimately, the goal is to reduce certain exaggerated features for an overall more balanced, feminine look.

Candidates of Korean Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)?

For many transgender women, FFS is medically necessary to treat gender dysphoria. It can be just as important or even more important than genital forms of sex reassignment surgery (SRS) in reducing gender dysphoria and helping trans women integrate socially as women; data on these sorts of outcomes are limited by small study size and confounding variables like other feminization procedures.

While most FFS patients are transgender women, some cisgender women who feel that their faces are too masculine will also undergo FFS. FFS is occasionally sought by cross-dressers and drag queens.

Korean facial feminization surgery

FFS candidates should wait until the bones of their skull have stopped growing before undergoing FFS. The way to determine if the bones of the skull have stopped growing is to take successive radiographs of the mandible and wrist bones to make sure that bone growth has stopped.


Q. How does FFS facial contouring surgery differ from regular facial contouring surgery?

A. A special surgical method is necessary because the skeleton of a woman and a man are different. It is important to create a slim, smooth facial contour, taking into consideration the ratio of the face and not only removing the square jaw. We recommend that you have surgery with a professional doctor, who has experience creating a more feminine profile specifically for FFS patients.
Dr. Tae sung Lee
Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Surgical Procedures of facial feminization surgery (FFS)

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Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 minutes ~ 2 hours


General Anesthesia


1~2 days

Removal of stitches

About 7~14 days

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

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