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Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck in Korea

Returning a Stretched belly with no elasticity
back to a smooth flat belly

What is id Tummy Tuck?

Normal body contouring surgery is done through liposuction, but there’s a limitation in fixing stretched abdominal walls or lost elasticity caused by pregnancy, child delivery, or drastic weight loss. Tummy Tuck has to be carried out for these cases, which is different from the normal method where only skin excision is done. Tummy Tuck in Korea operates liposuction on the body part with excessive fat and removes skin on the stretched area to correct the entire waist line and to create a smooth flat abdomen.

Candidates for Liposuction!

  • Loose and stretched skin after pregnancy and giving birth
  • Sagging and loose skin after weight loss
  • Sagging skin around the abdomen after liposuction
  • Sagging lower stomach due to a lack of elasticity
  • Abdominal skin sagging due to relaxation of abdominal muscles

Surgical method of a Tummy Tuck in Korea Procedure?

Liposuction in korea

3D Ultra-Sound Diagnosis

Liposuction consultation

1:1 Customized Consultation

Liposuction Systematical and precise surgery

Tummy Tuck

Liposuction fast recovery


STEP 1. 3D Ultra-Sound diagnosis and in-body check will be carried out before surgery for an accurate analysis.
STEP 2. Based on the 3D analysis, consultation and design with a specialist will proceed.
STEP 3. Systematical and precise surgery conducted according to personal body type analysis.
STEP 4. Systematical, intensive aftercare for fast recovery.

Benefits of id Tummy Tuck in Korea

  1. Flat and slim abdomen and waist line
  2. Even removal of abdominal fat
  3. Stretched and saggy skin removed
  4. Invisible scar
  5. Fast recovery, back to normal routine

Perform Tummy Tuck Procedure


1. Abdomen Design

We design the abdomen procedure according to each patient’s unnecessary fat and how stretched out the skin is.

2. Liposuction on both sides of the waist and upper abdomen **

A small incision is made on the lower abdomen, and the overall volume is reduced.
Tip. Unlike surgeries for other body parts, the fat area is from the front of the belly to the waist and back line, so it’s important to remove the exact amount of fat at one time when doing abdomen surgery.
**Liposuction is not included in the tummy tuck procedure

3. Abdomen resection on stretched lower belly

Re-sectioning of stretched skin and abdominal walls to create a slim abdomen.
Tip. If you do only liposuction on the stretched belly with no elasticity, the skin will not improve. You have to remove drooping tissue to fix the line and elasticity.

4. Suture

Suture line is located on the lower abdomen so it is easily covered by underwear and the scar will fade away as time goes by.

Feature 1

Creating a smooth waist line and slim abdomen

Small incisions are made on the lower abdomen to remove unnecessary fat on upper belly and both sides of the waist as well as stretched skin of lower abdomen and abdominal wall.You will definitely see the improvement on the entire abdomen along with your waist line. Also, if you have severely stretched skin, or surgical marks from a cesarean operation, skin removal will be effective for you.
Feature 2

No scars!

Fine incisions, no need to worry about scars. Our detailed suturing technique lowers the level of tension on skin, which makes the surgical marks lighter than the ones from normal excisions.
Feature 3

A delicate design & extensive surgical know-how

Delicate design by our surgeons specialized in plastic surgery with excellent aesthetical sense. High expertise of our medical team for liposuction from various surgery cases will give you not only a simple liposuction as well as high-level slimming effects that consider your physical balance and line.
Feature 4

Systematic & Safe surgery process at a hospital-level medical institution

Professional anesthesiologists stationed
Real-time Monitoring
Germ-free air shower, Sterilization System
Emergency Rescue System
Professional medical staff specialized in plastic surgery
After Care System

Surgery Information

Surgery time

3 hours


General anesthesia


1 day

Removal of stitches

About 2 weeks after

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos