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Motiva implants

When the technology of Motiva meets
ID Hospital’s high surgical skills
It becomes Platinum MOTIFIT Breast Center.

ID hospital has kept studying

ID’s special technique which elaborated to create a beautiful natural-looking breast
Motiva’s 17 years of advanced breast implants manufacturing experience and cutting-edge technology
Complete each other in the MOTIFIT collaboration line.

ID Hospital x MOTIVA implants The MOTIFIT collaboration line.

Why did they choose MOTIFIT?


To find a Perfect breast Fit for me

To find a Perfect Fit for me

Through detailed body shape analysis and scientific system I was able to find the most beautiful Fit for me

motiva implants Revision Breast surgery

More Careful
Revision Breast surgery

I was worried about breast shape and side effects, but after getting to know the MOTIFIT, my fears disappeared

motiva implants Breast surgery model

Texture, Shape, Balance
Can’t give up on anything

The MOTIFIT satisfied a greedy and picky person like me. I had no hesitation while making a decision.

motiva implant Breast surgery

It's perfect for an active person!

I’m a professional Pilates instructor, so I have a very active lifestyle and the MOTIFIT matched me so perfectly! I’m so happy and satisfied with my choice!


Optimized surgery plan
for each body type

By thorough analysis of individual body and skin type we come up with
the best surgery plan to create the prettiest breast for every patient.

motiva breast implant PLAN 01

Beautiful volume!

A tailored plan that matches the ratio between the upper and lower chest to pick the right size and create a beautiful volume.

rib cage type PLAN 02

Rib Cage Type!

A customized plan according to pigeon chest, funnel chest, and asymmetry breast.


High Level of
MOTIFIT Balance Analysis

The high technology of MOTIFIT allows analyzing
the asymmetry of both sides and volume difference
to achieve the most ideal breast shape for each body type.

The high technology of MOTIFIT allows analyzing
the asymmetry of both sides and volume difference


Sagging Breasts? Say No More!
Resilient volume and elasticity back to every degree of sagging breast.

Customized volume filling for the sagging stages.
Make your breasts more voluminous and elastic!

Grade I:
Mild Ptosis
motiva implants Mild Ptosis
After reaching the section 1, implant insertion helps to restore the lost volume.
Grade II:
Moderate Ptosis
motiva implants Moderate Ptosis
After reaching the section 2, implant insertion lifts and brings the volume up to the bottom of the chest.
Grade III:
Advanced Ptosis
motiva implants Advanced Ptosis
After reaching the section 3, implant insertion lifts and brings the volume up to the nipple position.


120% Personal Fit!
360º external and internal breast layers analysis!

To complete a perfect fit for each patient which is ideal breast size and
natural texture, we use the 360º analysis of external and
internal breast layers combined with the choosing optimal placement method for creating
a pocket on 120%.

id Hospital
360º accurate analysis of external and internal breast layers helps
to make an optimized pocket by choosing the right placement method to achieve the most natural, safe, and beautiful result.


Private consultation rooms and care zones
only for Motiva breast surgery patients
for more caring consultation and post-operation aftercare.

id Hospital


We created 8 steps of special breast aftercare for the MOTIFIT line.
It is important to take care of swellings, pain, and scars
after surgery to induce a faster recovery.

id Hospital

High Frequency Management

By delivering high-frequency heat to the inside of the body, accelerates blood circulation as well as softens blood vessels and tissues to prevent capsular contracture and helps
make the texture natural.

id Hospital

Soothing Modeling Pack

ID’s specially made bodypack to relieve swellings and calm down irritated skin after surgery.

id Hospital

Heal light therapy

This LED therapy helps with healing, pain relief, inflammation, and restoration of the function.

id Hospital


Smart Lux LED’s photo-rejuvenation technology delivers healing power and energy that stimulates blood circulation, leading to more production of collagen and elastin, and reducing bruises.

id Hospital

Scar Management

We provide scar laser combined with injections to soften the scar tissue and improve skin texture.

id Hospital

Breast Soothing Patches

ID real aftercare breast soothing patches provide a cool feeling to calm sensitive breast skin.

id Hospital

ID-made Compression Bra

The ID’s post-operation medical compression bra was designed by ID’s medical staff to achieve a more satisfying shape and lines after surgery.

id Hospital

ID hospital x VIVIEN collaboration

Two iconic Korean power brands created a unique beautiful forming bra that perfectly fits and support the breast during the recovery period after surgery.


Born from two premium brands ID hospital x Motiva

id Premium System

id Hospital


Full HD Endoscope

Allows precise creation of a tissue pocket with optimal control through a small incision.

id Hospital


id Hospital

No-touch Keller Funnel technique

The no-touch delivery method minimizes force and trauma to the breast tissues, protects against the risk of infections, and reduces the risk of capsule formation.

id Hospital


Breast Examination

Breast Ultrasound examination before and after surgery is essential at our hospital. It is important to do a precise and regular breast examination.

id Hospital


Skin Glue, ‘Dermabond’

Minimizes scars /
NO stitches removal

MOTIVA Premium Technology

id Hospital


Motiva x ID Hospital
Special Warranty Program

Long term safety /
Quality assurance

id Hospital


Motiva’s BLUE SEAL

Blue Seal is Motiva’s unique and special technique to check on the safety of the product.
The blue seal prevents gel leaking and dramatically lowers the possibility of capsular contracture.

id Hospital


Silk Surface®

A controlled advanced smooth surface that improves biocompatibility, minimizing inflammation and its related complications.

id Hospital


Natural Formation

The unique ability of Motiva implants to mimic the natural dynamics of breast tissue (holding a teardrop shape when a patient is standing and a round shape when she is lying down) maximizes patient comfort and is particularly well suited to women with active lifestyles.

The value of the PLATINUM MOTIFIT

Achieved through constant research!

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ID Hospital x Motiva
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Joy that can only be felt with MOTIFIT.

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