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Stem Cells are now also be used for cosmetic surgery
New release of 'id MILLION CELLS' for stem cells cosmetic surgery
Rejuvenate skin with more powerful anti-aging procedures.

Asia’s No.1 ID hospital is leading in the field of Stem cell cosmetic surgery.

Stem cell therapy, which was performed for the purpose of treating diseases, is now being extended to the field of cosmetic surgery.
More effective anti-aging procedure will reverse aging.

Adipose cells from fat are pluripotent cells that can adapt into skin, fat, muscle, nerve, and blood vessels on their own. When stem cells are transplanted into the face or body, it differentiates into skin, muscle, periosteum, subcutaneous tissues, and regenerates the tissues. You can expect to regain elasticity of skin caused by tissue regeneration, improve the adherence rate of fat, and improve aging.


ID Million Cells Lifting

Uses special needles and elastic bands to lift saggy skin tissue while also injecting stem cell-enriched fat grafts. The procedure yields more elastic skin and a noticeable increase in volume to keep your skin looking young and beautiful.

ID Million Cells Lifting Effects

The non-incision SMAS lift and the stem cell fat graft are carried out at the same time, so you can see a certain lifting effect. The elasticity of the skin increases and wrinkles can be improved through the stem cell growth factor.


Premium non-incision lift with stem cells and ultherapy

ID Hospital’s professional anti-aging center analyzes and researches all anti-aging big data in Korea to provide the ideal combination of stem cells and ultherapy. With the anti-aging know-how of ID Hospital and the remarkable regeneration ability of stem cells, you can have fast, powerful lifting effects, and skin elasticity with an  increase in volume to keep your skin looking young and beautiful.

Facial Fat Graft

ID Million Cells Facial Fat Graft

This procedure extracts stem cells and injects them into the face where the volume is insufficient by extracting the stem cells and mixing them with the fat from areas of the thighs and abdomen.

ID Million Cells Facial Fat Graft Effect

This procedure makes flat faces more three-dimensional, has a great effect on improving wrinkles, and reduces aging. Stem cell fat graft can increase the rate of fat absorption and improve skin elasticity through growth factors.

Breast Augmentation

Stem Cells Breast Augmentation with increased engraftment rate and minimal side effects

Unlike autologous fat grafts, which have a low rate of engraftment, ID Stem Cells Breast Augmentation has a high engraftment rate. Stem cells extracted from autologous fat are mixed with adipose tissues and transplanted into the chest area in small amounts. Stem cells transplanted with fat help to create new blood vessels, promote the differentiation, promote the fat deposition safely, and minimize side effects such as calcification and fat necrosis.

Scar Treatment

Stem cells scar treatment with excellent renewal effects

ID Stem cells scar treatment is a procedure that uses stem cells extracted from autologous fat to transplant to the site of the scar for treatment. The transplanted stem cells secrete growth factors and form collagen, so that skin regeneration occurs in the scar area.

Hair Loss Treatment

ID Stem Cells Hair Loss Treatment

ID Stem Cells Alopecia Treatment is a radical scalp regeneration treatment that activates the proliferation of hair follicles in areas where hair loss has occured using their own adipocyte stem cells.

ID MILLION-CELLS Hair Loss Treatment

The stem cells contain large amounts of growth factors that differentiate
into hair cells, promote blood vessel formation, and restore normal hair
growth cycles. It naturally restores a healthy scalp condition with thicker hair than before.

ID MILLION-CELLS Stem Cell Research Center
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