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Ulthera Quattro

Ulthera Quattro

Approved by FDA, KFDA
Natural lifting, Non invasive face lift

What is Ulthera Quattro?

HIFU (Hight Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a technology that helps regenerate the body’s collagen production under the skin by using the heat created by high-intensity ultrasound energy.

Ultrasound imaging is used to see the layers of tissues targeted through the treatment to target the areas that require lifting.

This type of lifting is recommended if the patient does not wish to undergo surgical lifting.

Asia’s No.1 De-aging Center


Double medalist for the greatest number of treatments
For Ulthera in Korea and Asia

Selected as the hospital with the greatest number of treatments for Ulthera in Korea and Asia, at 2016 Golden Records Awards of Merz, the global medical device manufacturer

Knowhow and Skill
of the professional medical team

Entirely different result from lifting treatment with a wide range of clinical experience and knowhow every member of medical team, completed certification of Ulthera, USA

Standard of selection for the
greatest number of treatments:
use of the genuine tips

Use of genuine devices and tips for premium lifting Reliable certification on genuine product of id Dermatology

Operation of de-aging exclusive floor,
certified by consumers

More comfortable and professional floor, chosen by de-aging consumers ID Dermatology, a choice made by a great number of consumers

Benefits of id Ulthera Quattro

1.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.5mm multiple depths are available for customized procedures depending on the surface layer and the deep base layer treated by surgical facial lift.

Certified by FDA, KFDA

It is a special lifting machine that had been accredited by FDA and KFDA.

High effect for areas

Controlled energy, number of shots divided, adjusted directions, different tips used depending on the skin areas such as cheeks, cheekbone, and nasolabial line.


Feature of id Ulthera Quattro


Surgical face lift effect without surgery
The skin is lifted tightly by coagulating the tissues in the skin which is equivalent to face lift.


The treatment can be designed differently for each person
It helps to enhance the result by providing different Ultrasonic waves on each person.


Natural lifting effect
It naturally lifts up your skin and makes you look younger.


Natural lifting effect Fast recovery
The treatment takes about 20 minutes and there is no swelling or redness after the treatment.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 minutes


Local Anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

Not required

Recovery time

Right after procedure

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos