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Revision Facial Contouring

A real surgery model of ID hospital

Revision Square
Jaw Reduction

Spent money and time and have no result. Very disappointed.

  • 01

    It still looks blunt from the front look

  • 02

    The chin is too pointy and unnatural

  • 03

    It is asymmetrical and the jawline is not smooth.

Cheekbone Reduction

Why still I have protruded cheekbone even after the surgery?

  • 01

    Only ‘quick-cheekbone reduction’ was done so it still looks big from 45 degrees.

  • 02

    The reduction was not performed on the right position, so the most protruded part is not reduced.

  • 03

    The fixation was not performed well so the bone did not heal well and became asymmetrical.

Meaningless square jaw surgery,
Should I just stay like this?

ID pro-doctors can complete beautiful face
with a revision method for each cases.

Real V line should target MVP ❞
Previous Jaw surgery VS MVP Square jaw

ID reduces MVP (Maximal Volume Point)
that makes blunt jawline and
this allows ID to complete slim jawline
from every angle without excessive bone resection.

Once failed, am I stuck
with this protruded cheekbone forever?

ID pro-doctors can complete
the smallest face with their own
‘High-L Cheekbone Reduction’ technique

With High-L osteotomy, we can reduce MMP (The Most Protruded Part). It allows maximum reduction for the cheekbone and you can see the dramatic changes from every angles such as front,
side and 45 degrees.

Why? Why should I choose
the ID hospital for jaw revision?

ID uses 5 kinds of suitable surgery methods depending
on jaw shape and nerve line for both blunt jaw and sharp jaw revision
so you can feel the definite changes.

Revision without failure!
Confident surgery result!

Check out this CT scan of a revision case that was
completed by ID pro-doctor’s skills.

After underwent poor square jaw surgery,
the patient has no V line shape and the jawline is bumpy.

Revision V line (Square jaw + Genioplasty) surgery improved the blunt and receded chin and fix the bumpiness so the jawline became smooth, defined, and V-shaped.

Only the mandible angle has been resected
which makes the chin-length stay the same and it looks blunt when looking front.

5 kinds of Genioplasty methods can be applied to make the long chin shorter and bring it to the ideal ratio position. V-shaped has been completed.

Only the mandible angle has been resected
which caused the already long face looks even longer and the lantern jaw more exaggerated.

V-logic Genioplasty reduced the chin length and push it backward. In this way, the face does not look long anymore, and the chin looks more natural.

Shall I choose ID hospital
for Revision Cheekbone Reduction too?

Perfect fixation! Pretty but safe,
ID’s Cheekbone Reduction!

id가 개발하여
학회에 발표하고
널리 보급한
티타늄 고정핀

Perfect fixation,
No need to worry
about bone-gap

Even the ligament
is tightened.

The cheekbone is an important bone that the masseter muscle is connected to.
When you have a gap in-between the cheekbone, you may experience nonunion and cheek sagging.
However, in ID, we use the double-fixation technique with titanium fixation screws and plates,
so you do not need to worry about any complications.
Also, if needed, we do the front cheek inner-lifting
with endotine so the even ligament gets tightened and smoothened.

Revision without failure!
Confident surgery result!

Check out this CT scan of a revision case that
was completed by ID pro-doctor’s skills.

Good after ID!

Because it is revision!
We will take care until
the end to make it your last surgery!

History of ID’s Facial Contouring Center
Since 2004

History of ID’s facial bone contouring center since 2004
The biggest scale among plastic surgery centers,
most cases of bone contouring surgeries,
and the best medical papers prove ID.

Facial bone contouring cases

26,884 cases of facial bone contouring surgery
Based on this data, we are providing satisfactory
results by having an accurate diagnosis
and perfect surgery.

Active CCTV cameras
NO shadow doctors

From consultation to diagnosis and surgery,
a surgeon will be in charge.
ID is having a ‘real-name system’ of the surgeon
in the surgery room that has CCTV cameras.