Beyond derma, PLACOSMETICS!

"ID Healthcare group’’ is a company that studies healthy
and flawless skin for the most beautiful face


We studied 18 years for those who had to turn away due to their psychological burden after consultations. With the know-hows we learned and earned by solving over 60,000 beauty concerns, we opened a new beauty field called ‘id PLACOSMETICS’.

The philosophy of id PLACOSMETICS

id PLACOSMETICS products contain all the know-how
from A to Z of how to provide the best skin for you.

Our products are made through systematic verification process. They are only produced when the effects are verified and considered safe to use for people with sensitive skin types. And over 40 experts from ID Healthcare Group are involved throughout the whole process.

id Hospital
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ID Healthcare Group’s latest R&D center

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Know-hows that are learned and earned through over 60,000 beauty concerns

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Products that are made through systematic verification process

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Certified technical skills with patents

Brand CI/BI

id Hospital

CEO Message

Dear Clients,

We try our utmost to produce the best quality cosmetics for your beauty.

We wish ID could be the brand that gives you the experience of becoming more beautiful day by day. Rather than advertising our brand all over the media, we believe it’s worth more to invest those expenditures to our products for our customers.

We hope ID comes first on your mind, every time you see your beautiful face.

Director of ID Hospital,
Sang Hoon Park

id Hospital