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Volume Mini Facelift

Volume Mini Facelift

Eliminate sagging jaw line
Create volume on front cheek and a youthful face!

What is Volume Mini Facelift?

It is one of the face lift surgeries that shows an excellent result on improving elasticity and wrinkles of stretched facial skin. It maintains its strong lifting effect but doesn’t leave any visible scars, which allows fast recovery.

Since liposuction is operated along with the surgery, it brings an excellent effect for V-line face compared to other mini face lift surgeries performed in other hospitals. It creates facial volume on front cheek by transplanting fats that are taken out from liposuction. We will bring your young face back with a single procedure.


Surgical procedure of Volume Mini Facelift

Bright and young, youthful face line!

Minus! → Jaw Line Mini Facelift (+liposuction)

It brings stronger effect than combined lifting procedure by dividing individual soft tissue in three layers and lifting each skin, fat, and muscle layer instead of boosting the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) at once. In addition, it creates more defined V-line through jaw line liposuction.

Plus! Front Cheek Fat Graft

It creates bright and younger face line with volume by transplanting fat to flat and sunken cheekbone area through liposuction.

Benefits of Volume Mini Facelift

3cm! Invisible Mini Incision

You don’t have to worry about exposure of scars since Invisible Mini Incision Method is used to hide the incisions behind the tragus.

id Mini Facelift
Mini facelift in other clinics
Traditional facelift
Invisible Mini Incision Full mini incision Full incision
Incision exposed by 3cm Incision exposed by 5cm Incision exposed by 10cm or more
Incision behind the tragus Incision in front of the tragus Incision in front of the tragus
No incision inside the head May or may not have incision inside the head Incision inside the head

Reliable and long-term effect

You can obtain a semi-permanent effect through a single procedure that removes and pulls the sagging skin tight as well as SMAS layer under the skin. Also, engraftment rate is highly impressive since fat is injected into the multiple layers of front cheek.


Rich Surgical Know-How

It presents each person a natural and assertive result through numerous clinical results with a combination of an advanced lifting technology and high expertise of facial lifting procedures.

Advantages of Volume Mini Facelift

  1. Assured V-line and youthful face with facial volume at the same time
  2. Long lasting and assured effect
  3. Natural face expression
  4. Quick recovery and return to daily routine
  5. No scars or nerve damages left

Surgery Information

Surgery time

2 hours


Local anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

About 1 week after

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos