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Y-Line Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Y-Line

Extra curves with breast implants + fat graft for extra cleavage
Get beautiful shape and natural texture all at once

What’s Y-Line Breast Surgery?

Y-line breast surgery makes curves with breast implants with additional fat graft in the cleavage area, for a more ideal and perfect breast shape.

Natural-looking results that do not look artificial or overly done, giving you sexy attractive breasts.

breast surgery in korea before and after photo
breast implants plus cleacage fat graft

Standard for Beautiful Breasts?

When the distance between each breast is under 3cm

  • Bowed chest
  • Bulging ribs
  • Breasts are naturally wide apart
  • Desiring a more natural texture
  • Revision Surgery

(skin is thinner due to prior surgery)

Simple breast surgery in korea implants cannot fill the gap between breasts, hence the results would not be satisfactory.
In such cases, the Y-Line Breast Surgery will create attractive cleavage!!

breast surgery in korea Y-line

Y-Line Breast Surgery Procedure

Step 1
Various in-depth medical examinations to check body structure

Check height, weight, chest shape, asymmetry, amount of breast tissue , skin elasticity etc.

Step 2
Choose the right implants for your body (Allergan or Mentor)

Equipped with safe breast implants that received US FDA and Korea FDA approval

Step 3
Breast implant insertion

Increases curves with breast implants

Step 4
Nano fat graft – more curves and extra sexy cleavage

Fat graft using nano cannula increases tissue survival rate, making the breasts sexy and gives natural shape and texture

id Breast Surgery Mammotome Surgery

Step 1

During id Breast Surgery consultation, breast surgery specialist will carefully examine using the latest ultrasound machine.


Benign tumor


Malignant tumor
(Breast cancer)

Tissues surrounding implants
(After surgery)

Implant rupture
(After surgery)
Step 2

Ensuring safety, every breast surgery is planned in cooperation with plastic surgeon, breast surgery specialist, and anesthesiologist.

If breast surgery is conducted with a breast disease, the disease may worsen.

Step 3

If a breast disease is found, mammotome surgery partially extracts tumor for biopsy.
Simple lumps or cysts can be simply removed during an ultrasound using a small sized needle (0.3 cm)Mammotome surgery can be conducted alongside breast surgery, making healthy breasts and beautiful Y-line curved breasts simultaneously.



Nano Fat Graft Method With Increased Tissue Survival Rate

Fat extraction

Fat is extracted from abdomen or thigh area

Nano fat cultivation

Using id technology, fat is separated twice, creating small size nano fat

Nano fat transplantation

Using nano cannula small needles, fat is transplanted in several layers of the cleavage area

Surgical method of Y-Line Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Breast surgery Consultation


id Hospital

Type of Implant

Design the Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

follow up surgery


STEP 1. Before the surgery, medical examinations and consultations will be carried out for an accurate analysis.
STEP 2. Based on the results of the analysis, factors such as size, incision location, position of the implant and the implant type
will all be discussed and decided upon.
STEP 3. Complete the implant procedure based on your decision.
STEP 4. Fat Implant to cleavage in order to correct the breast line and Intensive Aftercare for a fast recovery.

Benefits of Y-Line Breast Surgery in Korea

  1. Personalized breast implants for even more curves and beauty
  2. Great texture, just like natural breasts
  3. Very low chances of asymmetry based on exact desquamation
  4. Very low chances of capsular contracture
  5. Almost no scars and pain
No blood pocket

At id Hospital,
a trained surgeon plans the surgery beforehand and conducts prompt and quick surgery which minimizes bleeding.

No compression bandages

Using endoscope minimizes desquamation, so the implants are not out of shape. Compression bandages are not necessary.

No hospitalization

Short surgery time, precise desquamation, small bleeding decreases recovery period. Hospitalization is not needed.

No massage

Implants are located closely to the breast tissue, there’s no empty space inside the breasts and implants are inserted. Thus, extra breast massage after the surgery is not needed.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

1 hour


General anesthesia


Not Required

Removal of stitches

Not Required

Recovery time

3~4 days

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos