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id Brightening

Forget the whitening in Korea done so far,
The paradigm of whitening has changed!

Beyond Whitening

What is id Brightening?

Dermatology’s clinic in korea id Brightening Center goes beyond simple whitening that aims for white skin to find the ideal skin tone for each individual.

We improve your skin with personalized brightening to
find you a healthy, radiance facial tone.

Moreover, we will solve your skin problems caused by different age, lifestyle, environment,
and genetic factors through 1:1 personalized program.

Benefits of id Brightening

id Technique 1

Minimal pain, fast effect!

Dermatologists with many years of clinical experience precisely analyze your skin condition and apply highly effective laser to needed area.

id Technique 2

Laser mix technology, effect UP!

Another device is used for synergy to maximize the effect without overdoing it. A planned program to fix dryness and skin regeneration after the laser treatment is applied.

id Technique 3

Same laser, different effect. Solve multiple skin problems simultaneously!

Even if the laser device is the same one you will see different results depending on energy control, treatment time, areas, and functions. We control to minimize redness and scabs so you won’t have problems with getting back to normal daily routine.

Know-how of id Brightening

Dermatology clinic in korea Know how

Features of id Brightening

A special brightening only from id Dermatology

Dermatology clinic in korea feature
Dermatology clinic in korea feature

Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 minutes


Local Anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

Not required

Recovery time

Right after procedure

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.