• Facial Contouring
  • 3 Types of Facial Contouring

3 Types of Facial Contouring

A real surgery model of ID Facial Contouring 3 types combination

The solution for a beautiful facial shape!

Id Solution!

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  • #1Id Cheekbone Reduction
  • #2Id Square Jaw Reduction
  • #3Id Chin Reduction

Find the solution from ID!

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Point 1

Cheekbone Reduction

Smaller facial width
and ideal tridimensional facial shape!

id Hospital

Pushing the protruded
cheekbone inward and making volume on the front cheek.
Smooth and soft line

id Hospital

Oral incision and microdissection
of bone and skin
NO worry about scar

id Hospital

A specially-developed titanium fixation screws and plate.
Strong & perfect fixation

id Hospital

Removing buccal fat
and subcutaneous fat
as much as possible
NO worry about sagging

Point 2

Square Jaw Reduction

From a wide face
to a perfect facial proportion.

id Hospital

Resecting the maximal
volume point of
the jaw into smooth curve.
Smooth side profile

id Hospital

Removing cortex from lateral
part of the jaw
Slim down the thickness
of the bone

id Hospital

Slimming down the face by reducing the big muscle as well.
Semi-permanent &
dramatic changes

id Hospital

Removing buccal fat and subcutaneous so it can be slimmer
Slimmer V line

Point 3

Chin Reduction

From blunt and receded chin
to smooth and natural V line!

id Hospital

Making the chin
smooth all the way
Slim V line completed

id Hospital

As if it was pretty
from the first
Natural golden ratio completed.

Perfect fixation & smooth rasping


id Hospital

From cheekbone to the chin, pretty and soft.

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Facial Contouring surgery?
Only with an accredited and certified ID Hospital!

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2022 Korean
Brand satisfaction No.1

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ID know-how surgery technique
Patent trademark

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Most bone contouring surgeries for 4 years Certified by Korea Record Institute

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Certified medical institute by Ministry of Health
and Welfare

ID hospital medical paper

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id Hospital
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SINCE 2004

ID Facial Contouring Center

ID hospital always study to provide beautiful face to each of individuals.
ID hospital and its medical staffs are trying their best to provide
customer-centered treatment and happiness.

id Hospital

Average 10 years of experience & average 3000 cases of surgeries

History of ID’s Facial Contouring Center
Since 2004

History of ID’s facial bone contouring center since 2004
The biggest scale among plastic surgery centers,
most cases of bone contouring surgeries,
and the best medical papers prove ID.

Facial bone contouring cases

26,884 cases of facial bone contouring surgery
Based on this data, we are providing satisfactory
results by having an accurate diagnosis
and perfect surgery.

Active CCTV cameras
NO shadow doctors

From consultation to diagnosis and surgery,
a surgeon will be in charge.
ID is having a ‘real-name system’ of the surgeon
in the surgery room that has CCTV cameras.