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Carving Rhinoplasty

Carving Rhinoplasty

From the nose ridge to the tip
Complete a natural nose!

What is Carving Rhinoplasty?

Carving Rhinoplasty uses a soft carving silicon to lift the nose ridge by carving it out to fit the nose shape for each different person and uses ear cartilage for the tip of nose. Customized nose implant is carved and inserted to create a natural nose line, and the surgery time will be only 30 minutes and requires a short period of time for recovery.

Korean rhinoplasty
Carving Rhinoplasty in Korea CASE

Want to fix nose tip and lift a low nose ridge

Want to correct a hawk nose

Nose alar is okay, but has a low glabella area

Benefits of Carving Rhinoplasty


A natural and refined nose ridge


A sharp nose tip


Short surgery time


Fast recovery


Ideal nose line
Short Surgery Time

Normally takes about 2 hours for a rhinoplasty in Korea, but Carving Rhinoplasty inserts a carving implant to the nose ridge and uses ear cartilage to shape the nose tip, which you can get it done within 30 minutes. It also requires a short period of recovery time.

Natural and Ideal Nose Line

Height of nose ridge and angle of nose tip are designed for each person to complete a natural and ideal nose line.

Customized Implant

Carving implant is easy to change and shape to different types of nose, so it can be carved in detail to fit the desired line of nose ridge. Ear cartilage is used for autograft to design and lift nose tip, which enables a personalized nose surgery.


1. id’s Carving Silicon Nose Bridge Surgery

Regular nose surgery

nose job in Korea methode

Surgical Nose job in Korea method

Nose shape isn’t considered.
Standardized silicon is inserted.
There is a chance of moving after surgery.

Customized Korean Rhinoplaty implant

Not carved for different types and shapes of nose
(Implant that is NOT customized)

Nose job in Korea Features

Nose ridge can be bent after surgery.
Silicon implant can be moved when you touch the nose.
The implant can stick out from the nose tip.

id Carving Nose Surgery

rhinoplasty in Korea - carving methode

Surgical rhinoplasty in Korea method

Nose shape is taken into account for
carving silicon to be fixed and held tight.

It would not be bent or moved.

Customized Korean Rhinoplasty implant

Carved for different types and shapes of nose
(Customized implant)

Nose job in Korea Features

Implant fits and is held tight, so it doesn’t
get bent or moved.
No need to worry about silicon sticking out.

2. Regular Silicon VS Carving Silicon

Regular silicon
Pre-made silicon
Regular silicon are pre-made in various shapes, but there’s a limitation for hospitals in ordering them. Most of the time, silicon with one same shape is ordered and used.

Hard material compared to carving silicon
id Carving silicon
Silicon ordered and manufactured by id
Years of research has been done to order and manufacture implants easy to insert and carve in different types and shapes of each individual. Creating nose implant fit for each person instead of simply inserting silicon with the same shape.

Ultra soft material (for pig nose)

Real Manufacturing and Carving Process of Nose Implant

You need a skilled specialist for carving out soft silicon perfectly fit for the nose.

Korean nose job implant
Korean nose job implant
Korean nose job implant

3. id Ear Cartilage Nose Tip Surgery

Cartilage behind ear is used for autograft to complete a sharp and pretty line for nose tip.

  • Ear cartilage has high elasticity, and its shape is similar to the one of nose tip.
  • It is an autograft surgery, and there is hardly any irritation or side effects. It looks natural even after a long time.
ear cartilage area nose job
Ear cartilage area
nose tip surgery in Korea
Ideal nose tip line

ID Hospital’s Rhinoplasty medical team

You will be satisfied with the results because of the experience
and know-how of ID Hospital’s surgeons, accumulated by operating on various cases

id Hospital

Dr. DaeHwa, Kim

Dr. SeungIl, Oh

Dr. ChiYoung, Bang

Dr. ChanWoo. Park

Dr. Soyoung, Lee

Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 minutes


Local anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

About 7 days after

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos