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Core Competencies

Core Competencies

Reason why people come to id Hospital! We introduce you to id Hospital’s special competitiveness that is different from other medical institutions.

01. Institution certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare

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02. Assigned medical team

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03. Poly-clinic system

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04. High-tech building

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05. 8 Specialized systems

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06. Aftercare system

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07. VIP service

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08. Social contribution

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09. Happy Face Research Center

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01. Institution certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare

id Hospital sets patient’s safety as its first priority and provides high quality medical service. It is a hospital-level medical institution certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

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Meets the standard and criteria for patient safety and medical service stated in medical laws

You don’t feel safe with small clinics, but university-hospitals have complicated system and lack customized service. Wouldn’t there be a hospital safer and more comfortable for the customers?

id Hospital will solve this problem as a hospital-level medical institution, certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and make you feel safe.
How is a hospital-level medical institution different from clinics?
Hospital-level safety standards and facilities

It is equipped with more than 30 beds and wards, self-power supply facilities, blood bank, and ambulance, perfectly meeting the safety standards and criteria on medical laws.

8 Specialized medical department

There are departments of plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, dentistry, dermatology, family medicine, internal medicine, surgery, and anesthesiology.

All-in-one system from diagnosis to surgery

Detailed diagnosis by specialists through a poly-clinic system along with a safety system makes it different from other clinics with a single department.

02. Assigned Medical Team

id Hospital’s medical team, consisted of doctors and professors from university-hospitals, has rich clinical experience and gives you satisfying result.

Achievements of id Hospital’s medical team

  • Started surgery-first orthodontic treatment method in Korea
  • Presented V-line T-osteotomy at the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
  • Registered V-line Surgery Method (extension of chin) on the journals of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
  • Applied a patent for Manufacturing method of orthognathic surgery wafer
  • Held four consecutive International Surgery-first Orthognathic Surgery Symposium
  • Presented at an international conference, William H. Bell Lectureship
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03. Poly-Clinic System

Our medical teams from 5 departments sets surgery plans rigorously behind the scenes for patients’ safety and satisfying result.

Poly-Clinic System for the best solution

All medical teams of id Hospital come together for a planning conference every Wednesday night.

Teams of 5 medical department, which are plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, otolaryngology, and anesthesiology, design surgery plans for consultation, diagnosis, and examination to achieve patients’ safety and satisfying result.

Plastic Surgery

Operates aesthetical surgeries on patients


Analyzes a patient’s bone structure and gives orthodontic treatment after surgery


Shortens recovery period through customized swelling care
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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Corrects and moves jaw to a functionally fit location


Prevents nose diseases


One-on-one care throughout the surgery process for our patient’s safety

04. High-tech Building

id Hospital’s building has a high-tech system integrating the hospital’s philosophy of patient’s safety from the beginning of construction process.

High-tech building with the philosophy of safety

Construction of id Hospital’s building started from our concern and care for the safety of incoming patients. Under the principle of ‘Safety as the basis’, id Hospital created a high-tech building with Uninterruptible Power Supply System, fire-resistant construction, and Air Shower System in confidence.

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Air Shower System
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Uninterruptible Power Supply System
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Fire-proof construction on all floors
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Central monitoring system
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Recovery room and intensive care unit
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Diagnosis system
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3D CT for accurate diagnosis
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Spacious and comfortable wards

05. 8 Specialized Systems

id hospital runs 8 specialized systems by department, operating poly-clinic system from diagnosis to aftercare.

8 Teams Specialized in Facial Plastic Surgery

Not even a minor mistake should be allowed for the beauty of our customers. id Hospital operates 8 specialized systems for plastic surgery, and we do our best to give you satisfying result through one-time surgery with poly-clinic system.
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Mouth protrusion
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Facial contouring
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Eye/nose surgery
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Young · Elasticity
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Breast · Body contouring
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06. Aftercare System

Aftercare is as important as surgery. id Hospital collaborates with Facediet, a professional premium aesthetic brand, to make your recovery fast.

To enhance surgery result
Aftercare System

Surgery result is predictable by the skill of medical team, but condition after surgery depends on aftercare. id collaborates with a profession premium aesthetic brand Facediet for customized care to shorten the recovery time and enhance surgery result.

Advantage of id Hospital’s aftercare
Customized Care

Aftercare programs including massage, new ultrasound, high-frequency, HE-NE laser, and skin master provide you with customized care.

Indian Face Massage

Our specialist from England will give you Indian face massage used to be done to royal families of England for reducing facial size.

Strengthening Skin Elasticity

Swelling care, blood circulation boost, and fast secretion activity makes function of your skin more active, allowing for glowing skin and elasticity.

07. VIP Service

id Hospital serves all customers as VIP and does its best to provide service for the convenience of all patients.

Customer-centered VIP Service

Our customers can come in at desired time, and we make our space how you want it to be. All customers become VIP at the moment they visit id Hospital.

Hotel-style service, limousine service, and customized service are provided, and we always do our best to make our service satisfactory.
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Hotel-style Service

You can use the coffee shop on the 1st floor without charge. Personal TV and computers in waiting areas will make you feel comfortable.

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Limousine Service

Limousine service is provided, taking our patients home after discharge, to help you with fast recovery.

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Customized Clinic

Special clinic provides customized service to test-prep students, exchange students, brides-to-be, and foreigners set for their lifestyle.

08. Social Contribution

id Hospital shares its medical skills to give beauty and happiness to people in the world.

Free Medical Aid ‘New Face’ with Gangnam-gu

id Hospital provided free medical aid to financially difficult multi-cultured families with facial scars.

Those who had scars and burns on their faces and bodies recovered stable and confident lives after surgery.

Voluntary Service for Kids with Facial Deformities Overseas

Doctor Won Seok Hyon has been visiting Vietnam and Laos every year for voluntary service to give free surgery to kids with facial deformities. He’s working hard to give children beautiful faces with smile and hope who have been bullied and suffering from congenital facial deformity called cleft lip

09. Happy Face Research Center

id’s ‘Happy Face Research Center tries to give happy face to all customers through developing new technologies and surgical methods.

Continuous development of new technologies at Happy Face Research Center

Orthognathic surgery that used to be done only in university-hospitals started to be operated in id, and the hospital is running Happy Face Research Center for customers’ satisfaction.

Happy Face Research Center is sharing surgeries and clinical experiences of id Hospital, and it will develop and supply new surgical methods make Korea known to the world.

Research Activities of Happy Face Research Center

Research work not only for beautiful face but also ‘happiness of our customers’

There are various reasons of getting surgeries. Most of them are ‘to be beautiful’. However, id Hospital is diligently working to improve your quality of life, heal your pain, and make you happy beyond making you beautiful.

Developing surgical methods for safety and convenience of customers

Surgical results might be similar, but id Hospital is continuously developing new technologies for the convenience of our customers throughout the entire surgery process. No-tie orthognathic surgery, T-osteotomy, CASS, 3-dimensional scanning are the achievement of the research work.