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Ptosis Correction

Ptosis Correction in Korea

Completes defined and clear look

What is Non-Incision Ptosis Correction?

Korean eyelid surgery Non-Incision Ptosis Correction is a procedure that corrects ptosis (so-called ‘sleepy eyes’) without any incision. Traditional method used incisions for ptosis correction, but today, sleepy eyes can be fixed by adjusting the muscle without making incision.

Since incision is not required, there’s no scar or swelling, and the recovery time is shorter compared to traditional ptosis correction surgery in Korea. You don’t have to worry about unwinding eyelids as we fix them tight through multiple points and knots to create defined eye lines. However, this method is not suitable for severe ptosis, but it’s recommended for mid-level ptosis and asymmetrical eyes.

Ptosis Correction before and after photo

Benefits of Non-Incision Ptosis Correction

  1. Quick recovery: Surgery is done without incision, but with using threads, so it makes a fast recovery with minor bruises and swellings
  2. Minimized scarring: No scars left
  3. Short surgery time: 1/3 of surgery time for traditional ptosis correction surgery
  4. Natural double eyelids: No incision is used so natural double eyelids are created
  5. Defined eye lines: Sleepy eyes turned into defined and brighter looking eyes


Grasp the cause of ptosis (sleepy eyes)

The causes of ptosis correction is due to the muscle itself or damaged nerve or injury from an accident. The cause needs to be accurately identified in order to correct this problem; therefore, it requires detailed pre-operative testing and examinations and consultation with a specialized surgeon. If eyelid muscles are normal but sagging skin is the reason that create sleepy look, double eyelid surgery itself can improve the issue.

What if only double eyelid surgery is performed without ptosis correction?

“It may result in even smaller eyes with unnatural eyelids. In this case, ptosis correction must be performed with accurate cause analysis in order to achieve a successful result.”

Ptosis Correction [Sleepy eyes]


Ptosis correction through non-incision method

Unlike the traditional method, incision is not made and we perform surgery that shortens the length of muscles by tying certain parts of the eyelid opening muscles via inserting threads inside. If the length of the muscle becomes shorter, the power of eyelid opening becomes stronger which results in bigger looking eyes. Most of all, patients can go back to their daily routine quickly and get natural results as incision is not required.

Step 1

We create a knot on the eye-opening muscle by inserting threads from outside to inside.

Step 2

By tying a knot, we fix it tight to create a natural double eyelid from the inside.

Step 3

It makes the eyes look bigger as the length of eye-opening muscles becomes shorter


Existence of eyelid specialist surgeons

Especially in the case of ptosis correction, the surgeon needs to check the eye opening levels during the surgery. However, this level is easily misjudged due to topical anesthesia; thus, the surgeon’s experience is highly important. If the surgeon does not have much experience, ptosis correction may reoccur, resulting in revision surgery. The surgery has to be performed by surgeon with a lot of experience since ptosis correction is considered to be the most complex surgery among existing eyelid surgeries.

What is Incisional Ptosis Correction?

Ptosis refers to eyelids that excessively cover the eyes and make you look tired or sleepy. This is caused by weak muscles that are used for opening the eyes, and it can be fixed by creating defined eye lines through ptosis correction. By adjusting the strength of the muscle, ptosis correction makes your eyes larger and defined, and it requires detailed and close technique since it adjusts the muscle deep inside the eyes.

ptosis correction before and after photo

What is Ptosis?

Ptosis is caused by weak muscles that lifts the eyelids. The eyelids get droopy, so the forehead and eyebrows are used to open the eyes instead. Normally, 80~90% of pupil is visible, but an eye with ptosis has eyelid that covers the pupil, and it can make you look sleepy or tired. In this case, ptosis correction surgery that adjusts eye muscle can make your eyes look defined.
When ptosis lasts for a long period of time
When ptosis lasts for a long period of time,

▶Wrinkles are caused on forehead
▶Size of each eye becomes different
▶Eyesight gets worsen & astigmatism caused

Surgical methods of Incision Ptosis Correction Surgery

Ptosis Correction Surgery adjusts strength of the muscles to make your eyes look more defined. It strengthens the muscle that helps to open the eyes to create clear and defined eye lines.

It is a correction surgery with skin incisions, so it can be performed for thick skin or fatty eyelids as well.

Q: I’m worried that it might look unnatural.

id: It creates a natural and defined eye lines by correcting ptosis and making balanced double eyelids at the same time.

Q: Do they unwind after a certain period of time?

id: Ptosis Correction Surgery uses detailed incisions to remove unnecessary fat, muscle, and skin to strengthen and fix the muscle, ensuring semi-permanent correction effect.

Q: Does it take long to recover?

id: We have plastic surgeons with high expertise in eye surgery. There is no swelling or scars left after surgery, and you can get back to your normal routine without any required time for recovery.

Benefits of Ptosis Correction Surgery

  1. Correction of ptosis
  2. Firm double eyelids
  3. Natural and slim eyelids
  4. Clear and defined eye lines
  5. Fast recovery

What is Mid-age Ptosis Correction?

As you get older, your skin elasticity decreases, causing eyelids to get droopy or fat to accumulate in the upper eyelids. Mid-age Ptosis Correction solves such problems through upper eyelid ptosis correction for droopy eyelids and lower eyelid ptosis correction for bumpy skin under eyes. Mid-age ptosis correction can give you much younger looking eyes.

Mid age Ptosis Correction before and after photo

Types of Mid-age Ptosis Correction

Upper Eyelid Ptosis Correction

Beautiful eye lines without droopy eyelids!

Upper Eyelid Ptosis Correction

Removing droopy eyelids to return beautiful eye lines

What is Upper Eyelid Ptosis Correction?

When your skin starts aging, droopy eyelids cover your eyes or make them saggy. In such case, drooping tissues are accurately measured and cut to fix the eyelids and create defined eye lines.

Features of Upper Eyelid Ptosis Correction

01.Younger looking eye lines

Old looking and droopy eyelids are cut for a new image and younger look

02.Prevention of wrinkles

It prevents wrinkles on forehead since its muscle doesn’t have to lift eyelids anymore.

03.Aesthetic & functional effect

It fixes the problem of eyelashes poking eyes, satisfying the aesthetical and functional needs.

Methods of Surgery

double eyelid surgery Methods
Lower Eyelid Ptosis Correction

Younger looking eyes without wrinkles

Lower Eyelid Ptosis Correction

Removing droopy skin under eyes to make younger looking eyes

What is Lower Eyelid Ptosis Correction?

When you get older, skin bags holding fat under eyes get stretched, and they get bumpy creating more wrinkles. In this case, lower eyelid ptosis correction can make defined eye lines by making incisions right under eyes to remove stretched skin and fat or repositioning fat.

Features of Lower Eyelid Ptosis Correction

01.Soft facial image

Fat under eyes are removed to create a gentle image

02.Invisible scars

Detailed incisions under eyes which disappear in a week

03.Dark circles improved

Correcting saggy skin to get rid of shadows under eyes

Methods of Surgery

naturally lifted eyes brow lift surgery

Naturally lifted eyes!

Browlift Surgery

Tightening skin through eyebrows to improve wrinkles and younger looking eye lines

What is Browlift?

It is a procedure that lifts saggy skin by making incisions at the top or bottom of eyebrows. People think upper eyelid ptosis correction can fix droopy eyelids, but browlift surgery is for those who don’t want to change the lines of their double eyelids or wish to leave them without double eyelids as they are.

Features of Browlift

01.Natural eye lines

Since it tightens the eye lines without having to operate double eyelid surgery, natural eye lines can be made.

02.Skin wrinkles improved

Don’t have to frown your face to lift droopy eyelids, which improves facial wrinkles.

03.Aesthetical & functional effect

It fixes the problem of eyelashes poking eyes, satisfying the aesthetical and functional needs.

Methods of Surgery

id Hospital

Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 minutes ~ 1 hour


Local anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

About 1 week after

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

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