• ID.AZ Dermastic

ID.AZ Dermastic

ID.AZ Dermastic

Hypoallergenic, Calming, moisturizing Daily Skin Care

What is ID. AZ Dermastic?

Daily skincare for fortifying moisture
To ensure calming, moisturizing, and fortifying of the skin barrier for extra sensitive skin
ID.AZ Dermastic moisturizing cream is highly recommended 
if you want to have a glowing skin!
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Product review of ID.AZ Dermastic

“It is a cream type that absorbs quickly into the skin as it goes on smoothly.
There is no greasy after feel and is intensely nourishing as a silky and soft, gentle cream.”

“Provides a moisture barrier with hydrating texture”

“It feels light because it goes on as a thin layer without any heaviness and leaves
a subtle glow to lead the next step in the makeup to be more effective.”
id Hospital
id Hospital
id Hospital

“Completely satisfying moisture,
smooth application
and finishing touch!”

You can feel the moisturizer fully filling up deep down inside the skin and yet leaving the skin feeling fresh
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id Hospital
id Hospital

Moisture retention test on Apple with ID.AZ Dermastic

You can clearly see that where Moisture Cream was applied,
it did not experience any brown color change and moisture was kept fully intact.
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MuMu Cream-Moisturizing Cream for sensitive skin as it is made with gentle ingredients Dermastic Moisturizing Cream

Hypoallergenic Moisturizing
Balance Care
MuMu Cream
# Hypoallergenic Moisturizer

A cream containing natural ingredients for non-irritating hydration

# Balance Care

Makes your skin healthy by providing pH balancing to resolve dryness and sebum.

# MuMu Cream

MuMu Cream
greatly reduces irritation for sensitive skin