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Asian Rhinoplasty

With ID’s years of clinical experience and cutting-edge technology,
we perfect the most attractive nose that suits your face

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ID Asian Rhinoplasty surgical technique

Nose Bridge Augmentation
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A Bridge height that suits my face
A tip that meets the harmony of the features
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Upright nasolabial angle formed
by stable fixation of the nose
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Nose alar length takes up 2/3 of the nose

The core of ID’s Asian Rhinoplasty is designing the nose according to your facial shape. We insert a nasal implant and use ear cartilage or septal cartilage to define the tip of the nose and raise it to fit the overall face

 POINT.1 <3-Series Lengthening>

Generic rhinoplasty
surgery technique

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The tip of the nose is fixed and an implant is placed to raise the nose. After, it is trimmed with autonomous cartilage or donated dermis.

3-Series Lengthening

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Septal nasal cartilage is tied up in three layers to adjust the length of the nose and the tip of the nose is firmly fixed. After fixation, an implant is placed to raise the nose, and finally the tip is trimmed with autonomous cartilage or donated dermis.

3-Series Lengthening
Why is it suitable for
Asian nose shape?

 Nose length can be extended to fit Asian facial proportions
 Height of the nose tip is adjustable, therefore the tip can be raised higher for a more dramatic look
 Due to the rigid support, the nasolabial angle remains the same even through time

 POINT.2 <Nose tip shaving>

Generic rhinoplasty procedure

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The tip of the nose is raised with an implant without consideration of the overall ratio. As a result, the outcome is unnatural.

ID Nose tip shaving

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During the operation, the cartilage that covers the alar is placed together
with consideration of the overall ratio(nostril:alar = 1:2) to create the perfect nose tip.

ID’s tip shaving
Why is it suitable for
Asian nose shape?

 Slimming of bulbous nose
 Natural and attractive nose tip is perfected

Real patients B&A from ID Asian Rhinoplasty

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I want a dramatic tall nose bridge!

Should I be getting a thick
and tall implant?

Asians have thick skin, but the cartilage and bone that make up their nose are relatively small and thin. Therefore, you must be careful not to put an implant that is too high or too large as they can damage your nose and the support structures in the long run. Alar cartilage is also often small and weak, especially when the development of the medial crura of the nasal cartilage is poor.
The goal for ID’s rhinoplasty medical team is to create a natural and beautiful nose tip for Asian features. In accordance to the size and thickness of the cartilage of the patient, a suitable height and nose tip length are determined. ID’s rhinoplasty medical team promises to deliver you satisfying results through precise diagnosis and planning with their years of experience and research

Full recovery in just one week,
ID Asian Rhinoplasty Diary

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Day of surgery

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after 2~3 days

Area check up
Removal of nasal packing
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after 7 days

Area check up
Removal of thread
and nose cast
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After 7 days

Major swelling gone
Able to apply make up
Resume back to daily
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ID Hospital’s Rhinoplasty medical team

You will be satisfied with the results because of the experience
and know-how of ID Hospital’s surgeons, accumulated by operating on various cases

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  • 수술시간
    Surgery Time
    1 hour 30 minutes
  • 마취방법
    Local anesthesia
  • 내원치료
    Not required
  • 실밥제거
    Stitch Removal
    About 7 days after
  • 일상생활
    Recovery Time
    1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.