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Male Orthognathic Surgery

Keeping the masculinity

MAN’s orthognathic surgery

A special ID Male Orthognathic surgery
for a defined and masculine jaw line

ID technology fixes jaw position
keeping jaw angle that
emphasizes masculinity.

Correct jaw bite and defined line

A man’s desired facial line is different.

Male and female lower
jaw is different

Male lower jaw is not as
short as female

Masculine and sharp
jawline instead of pointy

83° of ID Orthognathic surgery emphasizes masculinity

id Hospital

Superior aesthetic effect of 83°

id Hospital

Recommended according to individual jaw condition

ID Man’s Orthognathic surgery

id Hospital

Aesthetic treatment for an
accurate jaw alignment

No-tie double jaw surgery
id Hospital

Orthognathic surgery that
doesn’t require orthodontic

Surgery first approach
orthognathic surgery
id Hospital

Natural mouth shape
through mouth protrusion
analyzing system

Mouth protrusion surgery
id Hospital

Mouth protrusion and
receding chin surgery all at

Mouth protrusion three jaw
A visual system of ID Navigation
Orthognathic Surgery guarantees

accurancy and safety

Warning bell ensures
100% safety

Detailed surgery up to
1 mm

3D simulation of surgery

What is Navigation orthognathic surgery?

It is a state-of-the-art “navigation” system that determines
the optimal position for accurate and safe surgery.

Other orthognathic surgeries id Hospital Navigation orthognathic surgery
Relies on intuition during the surgery
increases risk of a nerve line damage
Safety Warning bell activated if surgical tool
approaches the nerve or muscle,
0% of nerve line damage risk
Cutting bone relying only on
preoperative plan and measurements
increases risk of medical accident
Accurate Complete design of incision lines are monitored
on screen in real time during the surgery,
no risk of medical accident
Presents only 2D bone model before the surgery Predicted outcome Presents before and after 3D simulation of
face and bone prior to the surgery,
higher surgery satisfaction