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Square Jaw Surgery

Korean Square Jaw Surgery (Reduction)

Change the length and shape of your
chin for a small and slim face with V-line!

Best Korean Square Jaw Surgery

V Line Square Jaw Surgery makes your frontal face look slender by creating a slim line from right under your ears to the tip your chin. T-osteotomy or Dia-osteotomy is used depending on the shape or length of your chin.


V-Line Square Jaw Reduction Surgery
The most advanced square jaw surgery

As beauty standards and patients’ needs have changed over time, the surgical methods of mandible reduction have adjusted to reflect these changes.

Therefore, id is pleased to introduce the most advanced V-line square jaw reduction surgery which will help you get a complete slim V-Line from right under your ears to the tip of your chin.


generation Mandible angle reduction surgery

Simply cutting the mandible angle to make it smooth.

Although the prominent mandible angle will be reduced, the facial shape may become pentagonal due to an additional angle being created.


Rounding jawline surgery

In order to reduce the size of a wide square jaw, the jaw line is rounded from the mandible angle to the chin.

It is effective in creating a smooth line, but cannot make the tip of the chin much slimmer.


generation V-Line Square Jaw Reduction Surgery

id thoughts - How can we make the chin slimmer?

It creates a complete V-line shape by combining T-Osteotomy and mandible angle reduction.

Registered Service mark No. 41-0351409

starting from id hospital

id was the first hospital in Korea to introduce T-Osteotomy
surgery for completing the perfect V-Line.

id hospital introduced V-Line Square Jaw Reduction Surgery
With T-Osteotomy through ‘The Korean Society of Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgeons’, and also received international recognition for its safety and effectiveness through the ASPS.

id Hospital
Korean square jaw surgery

Special features of T-Osteotmy

T-Osteotomy is a method in which the chin is cut in a T-shape and put together, originally used for the remedy of cancer and other diseases.

Dr. Sang Hon Park of id hospital has applied this method to maxillofacial surgeries. Also, T-Osteotomy technique gained academic recognition by the ASPS for its safety and effectiveness.

id hospital uses this method to give our patients the best outcome in compliance with their own cases.

Numerous variations of T-Osteotomy


  • If the nerves are located at a higher point, Y-osteotomy will be conducted in order to create the perfect V-Line.


  • If the chin is long, it will be cut in a pyramid shape in order to adjust the length of your chin and face


  • Cutting in a W-shape will alter the chin length, resulting in a smooth and slimmer jaw line.


  • The tip of the chin will be cut after being designed differently for the facial balance and the pieces will be gathered in a V-shape.

Will a V-Line be created just because
of the complicated osteotomy?


With over ten years experience of facial contouring, id gives you the prefect V-Line with T-Osteotomy.


id has the surgical know-how to make a complete V-Line without any complications.


id Hospital selects the right method for each individual through detailed pre-examination and accurate diagnosis

Applied a patent and received international recognition, id’s chin tip surgical method

1. T osteotomy + Square jaw reduction

Surgical method of T osteotomy

2. Dia osteotomy + Square jaw reduction

Surgical method of Dia osteotomy

Customized surgery with an appropriate osteotomy for the length and shape of your chin

T osteotomy
Dia osteotomy
T shape Shape of osteotomy Pentagonal diamond
Low possibility of
nerve damage
Nerve damage Low possibility of
nerve damage
Operable only in
sandwich t osteotomy
Reduction of jaw length Operable
Not operable Extension of jaw length Operable (within 4mm)
Self-transplantation or insertion
of aritificial bone
Additional surgery for lengthening No need for additional surgery

Special features of V-Line Square Jaw Reduction Surgery

Point 1

No need to worry about facial length! V line for any type of face!

Korean square jaw surgery
Korean square jaw surgery
V line with feasible ratios to both long and short chin
Slimmer V line by lowering the tip of chin
Slender V line by reducing the width of square jaw

Point 2

Diagonal osteotomy to make it thinner! A thick lower jaw bone can be slimmed!

diagonal osteotomy Korean square jaw surgery

Point 3

V line with volume! Balanced with golden ratio!

Experience a volumized look!

Korean square jaw surgery v line volume

Golden ratio!

Korean square jaw surgery v line balance

Surgical Benefits of V-Line Square Jaw Reduction

1. Possibility of a variety of corrections

You can meet your needs by altering the length of the chin and the width of the jawbone which allows you to achieve a beautiful jawline.

Wide Jawline
wide jaw surgery

Reduce the width of the lower face, from the mandibular angle to the chin.

Straight Jawline
straight jaw surgery

A blunt chin becomes refined and slimmer.

Long Face Correction
long face correction surgery

The width and length of the chin is reduced to give it a more proportional and slender look.

Protruding Chin correction
protruding chin surgery correction

The length of the chin is shortened and the chin is brought back to correct a protruding jaw.

Short Chin Correction
short chin correction

The tip of the chin is extended to give it an altogether slimmer look.

Asymmetry Correction
asymmetry surgery correction

Using the tip of the chin as the center, both sides of the jaw are brought into alignment to correct facial asymmetry.

2. Individually customized face line

You can consult with our doctors to decide the shape of chin that you desire to obtain from the procedure.

Square Jaw Surgery customized

3. Minimized Side Effects

V-Line Square Jaw Reduction Surgery is performed while avoiding nerves to minimize the possibility of damage and it is done in a manner that helps prevent future skin sagging, giving you optimal results.

Korean square jaw reduction effect
Dr. Ji Hyuck Lee explains
How essential is T-Osteotomy for achieving the perfect V-Line?

Currently, almost all clinics perform square jaw reduction surgery with T-osteotomy. The reason is that T-Osteotomy can create a perfect V-Line at all angles.
Before id Hospital first developed T-Osteotomy, square jaw reduction surgery was performed by rounding the jawline. With this method, the actual size of the chin could not be reduced. The T-osteotomy method was discovered during the case of a patient with chin cancer in England, who was treated by a T-shaped incision. id hospital adopted and adapted this method to develop T-Osteotomy square jaw reduction surgery which makes the chin more slender.

The limits of square jaw reduction surgery have been overcome by T-Osteotomy which has become vital to creating the perfect V-Line.


Surgery Information

Surgery time

1 ½ hours


General Anesthesia


1 night

Removal of stitches

About 2 weeks later

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos