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  • Pre-surgery Comprehensive Medical Examination

Pre-surgery Comprehensive Medical Examination

Pre-surgery Comprehensive
Medical Examination

As a national certified hospital accredited by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, id Hospital is conducting thorough comprehensive examinations before surgery.

Everything in National Certified Comprehensive Medical Examination!

Checkup Team with Diagnosis System of Internal Medicine Specialists

Systematical examination for a safe surgery!
At id hospital, a stationed specialist in internal medicine personally makes a diagnose for you.

In order to make a thorough analysis on the test results at the examination, a cooperated diagnosis with an internal medicine specialist must take place. We have a specialist stationed for a detailed checkup and diagnosis, which allows a safe surgery that reviews physical condition of our patients before and during the surgery as well as the recovery process after surgery.

National Certified Comprehensive Medical Examination Center

Dr. Oh Kyung Jin, a specialist in internal medicine

  • M.D., Yonsei University, College of Medicine
  • Resident, Department of Internal Medicine, Gangnam Severance Hospital, Yonsei University
  • Specialist, Department of Internal Medicine, Gangnam Severance Hospital, Yonsei University
  • Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Gangnam Severance Hospital, Yonsei University
  • Full member, the Korean Association of Internal Medicine
  • Member, the Korean Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology
  • Member, the Korean Endocrine Society

Dr. Oh Kyung Jin

  • Detailed analysis and diagnosis of comprehensive data through hospital-level examination devices
  • One on one personalized examination of a professional team including internal medicine specialist
  • Basic diagnosis on bone density and growth plate, allowing to figure out the feasibility of operation

Why do I need a comprehensive medical examination before surgery?

In case of plastic surgery where general anesthesia or long operation hours are needed, physical condition such as heart, lung, liver function, and blood pressure should be checked thoroughly to ensure the safety of surgery.
Therefore, if you undergo operation without detailed examinations, you are taking the risk of possible accidents, so you should have thorough and comprehensive examinations.

Same as university hospital where detailed examinations on physical condition take place before surgery, you need a comprehensive examination before plastic surgery for a safe operation!

id focused on bone density test!

If patients who have low bone density undergo orthognathic/facial contouring surgery, risk of side effects can increase in every step from surgery, recovery and even to aftercare. Therefore, it is essential to have a bone density test.

No matter how old you are, where you live

1. Unlike X-ray test, it enables a clear analysis on bone density without overlapping structures.

2. Minimized waiting time because of short testing time unlike other exams

3. Accurate reading with cross-section and three-dimensional image by using 3D-CT scan

4. Dual system in which diagnostic specialists and plastic surgeons diagnose and analyze bone density

Don’t forget to have a test on growth plate prior to bone surgery

Growth plate can be examined by taking X ray on the center of ossification such as head, wrists, knees and pelvis. Since there are many cases of incomplete growth even when you’re an adult, you should confirm the feasibility of surgery through comprehensive medical examination before surgery.

Growth normally stops around the age of 20.
However, growth can continue up to the age of 25 depending on individual’s condition.

Therefore, it’s better to have a test on growth plate before bone surgery!

[Reference : 101 Reverse Common Sense for the Skeptical Cultured People]

New Paradigm of Plastic Surgery
National Certified Comprehensive Medical Examination

id Hospital, leading the medical technology in Korea, is presenting a new paradigm in Korean plastic surgery again.

id Hospital is specialized in orthognathic and square jaw surgery that require general anesthesia, and it has prepared the Comprehensive Medical Examination System in order to relieve the fear of patients and to reduce the risk of accidents that might occur during surgery.

We have created a trustworthy surgical system that ensures patients’ safety through our philosophy of ‘patient-first’. Safety is the core foundation of all surgeries.


Philosophy of ‘patient-first’


Comprehensive Medical Examination System created


A safe surgical environment that makes everyone feel at ease

“id National Certified”

Comprehensive Medical Examination

From health check-up to customized consultation!

Candidates: Those who are considering to have orthognathic, facial contouring surgery
Content: 50 types of national certified comprehensive medical examination