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Customized Barbie Line Rhinoplasty

Customized Barbie Line Rhinoplasty

Finding the suitable nose for you!

What is Customized Barbie Line Rhinoplasty?

Rather than completing the same nose shape through the same surgery; customized Barbie Line rhinoplasty in Korea completes
a natural nose line by taking consideration of individual nose bridge, tip, nose alar and the difference of individual facial balance.
This is a suitable surgery method for primary surgery as the nose line can be freely adjusted to better suit the individual’s nose line.


Benefits of Customized Barbie Line Rhinoplasty

1. Customized surgery for a natural line, suited to the facial balance!

Korean rhinoplasty natural line

Step 1

Find the golden ratio! Surgery is processed with “Facial Standardization Method”, developed by id Hospital to measure individuals ideal ratio. Surgery
needs to planned with individuals golden ratio measurements in mind for facial balance because every individual’s face is different.

Step 2

Nose length and height can be freely adjusted for a trendy nose as two
different implants are used for the nose bridge and the tip!
Silicone is firmly carved to suit the individual’s face
Nose tip height and shape can be freely adjusted
No side-effects with ear cartilage (autologous cartilage) usage; a doctor with
years of experience and know-how will make the decision of usage quantity.

Natural nose line just like my own with Customized Rhinoplasty surgery!

2. Definite fixation at the tip for beautiful nose bridge!

The most concerning side-effect
  1. Nose tip falling over time because of gravity.
  2. The nose will appear unnaturally protruded if the tip is raised too high with consideration of it falling after time.
Columella (nose pillar) is fixed accordingly to the nose tip once more
  1. No need to raise the nose tip too high as it will not droop over time.
  2. The nose line will be maintained to keep a satisfactory result
No worries for nose tip drooping or falling over time.

3. Fast Recovery! Minimize Scars!

1. ideal side line

ideal side view line with consideration from the forehead to the nose tip

2. Natural result

Beautiful nose transformation with no trace of surgery

3. Barbie-Line result

Natural Barbie-Line where two different implants are used at the nose bridge and nose tip

4. Reduced irritation

Less scarring with reduced surgical irritation

5. Faster recovery

Faster recovery with less bruising and swelling

After your safe Customized Barbie Line nose surgery is done, we will follow up on your progress!

ID Hospital’s Rhinoplasty medical team

You will be satisfied with the results because of the experience
and know-how of ID Hospital’s surgeons, accumulated by operating on various cases

id Hospital

Dr. DaeHwa, Kim

Dr. SeungIl, Oh

Dr. ChiYoung, Bang

Dr. ChanWoo. Park

Dr. Soyoung, Lee

Surgery Information

Surgery time

1 hour 30 minutes


Local anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

About 1 week after

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos