2013! Now it’s Let Me Nam!

The first male Let Me In!

Who is the person of miracle that opened
the door first for Let Me In 3?

The first person at id Plastic Surgery Hospital

Park Jin Bae
‘A man with breast’, Park Jin Bae with a stretched belly due to an excessive diet and gynecomastia. He has not only physical complex but also lost confidence in himself, with experiencing severe sociophobia.
Will he be able to overcome the complex of his look?
What’s the condition of Park Jin Bae before surgery?
Fixing a protruding mouth and short chin!Need to change to a clear and defined image!
Need a ‘Three-jaw Surgery’, which is more difficult to operate than orthognathic surgery!
Eyes that look closed and sleepy corrected to clear and manly eyes!

Doctor Park Sang Hoon, operating surgeon for Huh Ye Eun

Comes forward to be Let Me Nam Park Jin Bae’s doctor

What’s the doctor’s diagnosis for Park Jin Bae?

“His protruding mouth and short chin that determine his image should be changed for a defined look. For now, Park Jin Bae needs ‘Three-jaw Surgery’which is more difficult level surgery to operate than orthognathic surgery.”

Doctor Park Sang Hoon (Plastic Surgery), Head doctor at id Hospital

Operating surgeon for Huh Ye Eun in
First doctor to operate No-tie Orthognathic Surgery, V-line Square Jaw Surgery

  • Holds id’s International Surgery-First Orthognathic Correction Symposium
  • Author of
  • Operating surgeon for Kang Yu Mi, Lee Jong Hoon
  • Doctor on Story on
  • Doctor Agent on FashionN
  • Master of Plastic Surgery on MBN

Let Me Nam! Park Jin Bae’s choice,
‘Three-jaw Surgery’ at id Plastic Surgery Hospital

What’s Three-jaw Surgery, the advanced orthognathic surgery?
Three-Jaw Surgery

It is a surgical method that operates orthognathic surgery along with ‘Protruding Mouth Surgery’, where tooth gum bone and tooth are replaced after each tooth behind the canine is pulled out and tooth gum bone is cut out, and it requires a high-level technique.

For a patient who has a severe protruding mouth and short chin, ‘Three-jaw Surgery may needed’.

id Hospital’s

“Customized Solution”

[A] Forehead Fat Graft

Fat graft on the flat and sunken forehead to create a much more natural and high-class image

[B] Cheekbone Surgery

Reducing the size of protruding side cheekbone while adding volume to front cheekbone

[C] Skinny Incision + Ptosis Correction Surgery

Small and plain eyes changed to large and bright ones through Skinny Incision Method! Ptosis Correction Surgery to lift droopy eyelids and create defined and natural eyes!

[D] Men’s Nose Surgery

Sharpening the small, low, and flat nose ridge to adjust the facial balance and reducing the nose alar to change to a refined, ‘masculine’ nose

[E] Three-jaw Surgery

Asymmetry and protruding mouth with short chin changed for a balanced and refined look! Say ‘Good bye’ to your sleepy face!

Beauty that you could never imagine

“id Hospital”

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Let Me In Global Project

Let Me In ‘in Thailand’
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Let Me In Global Project

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The hairstylist with ‘No face’
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A changeover into a cute and sexy girl

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Reborn with the visual of an idol star

The smelly young mother
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