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Male Abdomen Lipofit

Perfect body line

MAN’s abdomen lipofit

Non-surgical abdominal liposuction
Clear and firm abdomen

Increase in abdomen obesity from

frequent dining out and work stress
Reduce your clothes
size for your health!
MAN’s abdomen obesity
Fast recovery without
bruising and swelling
Quick result without
“yo-yo effect”

What is MAN’s abdomen lipofit?

MAN’s Lipofit is optimized for fat tissue, distribution
etc. for men differently from women and provides
strong lipolysis and a definite size reduction.
Lipocell & Body Shurink STEP1
id Hospital
High Intensity Ultrasonic Lipolysis Laser
Lipocell & Body Shurink

Considering the long-term obesity know-how, we use
high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to destroy fat
without damage to surrounding tissues, taking into
account the depth of tissue accumulated in the
abdomen and the strength of tissue.

Elimination injection STEP2
id Hospital
Elimination injection developed by id Slimming Plex

After the fat is broken down with lipofit the injection
helps to release the destroyed fat and stimulates
body circulation, enhancing the slimming effect.

Why is Lipofit necessary for male abdomen obesity?

id Hospital
id Hospital

Should I do it? Nothing to worry about.

You are the best candidate for the surgery.

If you have a stretched belly fat
If you need abdominal fat loss due to diabetes or hyperlipidemia
If intensive exercise is difficult due to the high blood pressure
If you can’t lose abdominal fat even after exercise
If you need to lose weight and body fat in a short time

Recommended procedures to get with MAN's Abdominal Lipofit

Fat kill injection
id Hospital
Semi-permanent fat removal injection

Semi-permanent fat destruction injection with minimized yo-yo effect that helps to destroy and remove hard fat

High frequency laser
id Hospital
Fat cell destruction & elasticity

It induces selective fat cell destruction and extracellular fat discharge through blood vessels and lymphatic vessels

High intensity shockwave
id Hospital
Circulation & Cellulite Improvement

It improves tightly adherent cellulite and fat tissue

Saxenda injection
id Hospital
Visceral obesity improvement

It helps to remove visceral obesity.Double effect of weight loss and health improvement

Many men who have concerns of their belly fat have already visited us.

Slimming treatment at ID

Slimming treatment specialty center at ID hospital
id Hospital
ID’s premium body slimming center

Id hospital’s slimming center can
create a visible slimming effect
through private treatment space
and a personalized program for
each patient, and therefore
is visited by the media
and celebrities.

id Hospital
Safe and effective slimming equipment

ID SlimmingPlex does not use low-
cost copy equipment or equipment
that has not been proven effective
and safe. We use effective, safe and
reliable equipment that we can
recommend to our family and

id Hospital
Most ideal slimming treatment program

Based on all the non-surgical slimming
big data in Korea, we provide advanced
slimming programs that capture the
perfect body figure and skin elasticity in
a fast and powerful effect and
reasonable package.

id Hospital
Professional medical staff that knows everything about body lines

A unique obesity procedure recipe
made with rich clinical experience
and technology of slimming family
doctor, dermatologist, and plastic
surgery specialist.