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Mouth Protrusion Three-Jaw Surgery

Mouth Protrusion
Three-Jaw Surgery

When you need a more
advanced two-jaw surgery

What’s Three-Jaw Surgery?

Three-jaw surgery is a combination of two-jaw surgery and mouth protrusion correction surgery that corrects mouth protrusion and severe microgenia at the same time.
Premolars after the incisors are removed, frontal gum bone and teeth are moved backwards, correcting mouth protrusion. Then, with two-jaw surgery, three-jaw surgery corrects severe microgenia.

Mouth Protrusion Correction Surgery

(ASO, Anterior Segmental Osteotomy)

Two-Jaw Surgery

(sagittal split ramus osteotomy)

Three-Jaw Surgery

“Three-Jaw Surgery for Protruded Mouth and Severe Microgenia”


Three-Jaw Surgery operates two-jaw surgery and mouth protrusion correction surgery all at once

It might not be sufficient to correct mouth protrusion and microgenia with only mouth protrusion correction surgery or two jaw surgery. In order to have a balanced positioning of upper and lower jaws, three-jaw surgery is the answer.

Correction with mouth protrusion correction surgery
Corrects mouth protrusion by moving gum bones backwards, but worsens microgenia with even more backward positioned lower jaw
correction-with two-jaw-surgery
Correction with two-jaw surgery
Only two-jaw surgery correction but unable to move lower jaw forward enough to correct microgenia because of mouth protrusion
Correction with three-jaw surgery
Incises ulitis (gum bone) to correct protruding gum bone, moves lower jaw forward enough to correct microgenia, correcting both simultaneously

Three-Jaw Surgery,Benefits of id Hospital


1. Hospital with advanced technology and skills

Expert treatment based on two-jaw surgery technology + clinical experience

  • Skilled doctors, including former medical school professors, perform the surgery
  • Safe treatment based on more than 4,000 clinical cases experience


2. Hospital with cooperation systems for diagnosis

Plastic surgeon + orofacial surgeon + dentist

  • Prior to surgery, the whole medical team plans the surgery through in-depth discussion
  • After the surgery, medical team reviews surgical results and checks patient’s recovery


3. Specialized hospital for two-jaw and mouth protrusion surgery

Specialization on two-jaw and mouth protrusion surgeries with high expertise

  • Proceeds the surgery based on patient’s condition
  • Has leading technology and various clinical experience

Surgery Information

Surgery time



General anesthesia


1 day

Removal of stitches

About 2 weeks after

Recovery time

2~4 weeks

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos