A fast and simple procedure in just in 10 minutes!
It will give you a natural effect.

What is id Botox?

id Botox is a substance produced by the bacterium called botulinum. The muscle in the area where the shot is injected is locally paralyzed, and this is used to improve wrinkles and muscles in various body parts such as facial wrinkles or reduction of square jaw muscle. Considering its definite effect and that it is a simple procedure, it is the preferred non-surgical method.


What makes Botox at id so great

It is essential for the patient to have an experienced and trustworthy doctor, since the results can vary based on filler amount and where the injection is administered. Our doctors will carefully suggest the appropriate filler plan to give your face a gorgeous and smooth appearance.

1. FDA certified!

FDA approved products to ensure our patients receive the safest procedures and best results.

2. Accuracy!

Our specialized medical team administers accurate dosages and always uses brand-name products for the best results.

3. Rich experience!

Operations should always be done in the exact area and with the correct dosage. Our highly–experienced medical team work hard to give you perfect results.

Benefits of id Botox

Simple procedure

Botox is done within 10 minutes, and you can get back to normal routine immediately after the procedure.

No pain · swelling

Since Botox doesn’t cause any symptoms like bleeding, or swelling so it’s suitable for people who are concerned about having a serious surgery.

Wrinkles improvement and muscle reduction effect

Botox stretches the wrinkles, and it corrects and slims down the muscles of square jaw and calves.

Botox effect lasting period

  • When injected to wrinkled areas, it slowly shows its effect within 2 days to 1 week.
  • When injected to muscle areas, effect is visible after about 1 month.
  • It differs from person to person, but Botox effect normally lasts for about 6 months.

Treatment areas for id Botox


Wrinkle Botox

Forehead Wrinkles
Forehead is one of the areas where botox can have excellent effect, and the procedure removes horizontal wrinkles.
Forehead wrinkles are usually caused by blepharoptosis or by the habit of lifting eyes too hard. In such case, botox is injected to the wrinkles to paralyze the muscle for wrinkle improvement.

Glabella/Nose Wrinkles
Glabella and nose wrinkles caused by the habit of making a frowny face which can give you a vicious look. Wrinkles can be improved with botox, and it’s necessary to treat it in the first phase in order to prevent the wrinkles from becoming deeper.

Around/Under Eye Wrinkles
Wrinkles around eyes are the most visible wrinkles, and they can be greatly improved by botox procedure. It is effective for thin wrinkles, like crow’s feet or undereye areas.

Benefits of Wrinkle Botox


Square Jaw Botox

Square Jaw Muscle
Square jaw botox is a procedure that injects botox in jaw muscle to create a slimer jawline, and it is effective for an overdeveloped masseter muscle.
procedure, and you will be able to visibly notice a slimer jaw line. After 5~6 months, the muscle starts to recover little by little.


Benefits Square Jaw Botox


Calf Botox

Calf Botox

When your muscle layers have become thick due to a frequent use of calf muscle, botox is injected to the muscle to slim it down.
Gastrocnemius muscle, which is normally called ‘calves’, is located in the outer part of the back muscles of legs. When botox is injected to it, the muscle slowly starts to get reduced and makes the legs thinner. Feeling like you don’t have any strength in your legs after the procedure is a temporary symptom, and the effect lasts for a long period of time unless you’re periodically exercising.


Benefits of Calf Botox


Surgery Information

Surgery time

10 minutes


Topical anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

Not required

Recovery time

Right after procedure

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos