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Echo Monroe’s Life Altering Transformation (Continued)


ID Hospital Interview – Echo Monroe



ID Hospital: Do transgender people regret transitioning or change their minds after transitioning?

Echo: Some do. Like anyone, we all have the right to explore ourselves and who we are. Transitioning should be done because you honestly know who you are. It is not to be looked at as a game, trendy or glamorous.

ID Hospital: Do people treat you differently? How do you deal with it?

Echo: Beliefs tend to cloud a person’s better judgment and humanity. We are quick to judge instead of love, or understand someone. Being Trans is very difficult because I am myself on my own terms, I am often despised. I know my heart though and who I am, so I do not stoop to their level.



ID Hospital: How do you feel after having the breast surgery? Are you satisfied with the results?

Echo: I am extremely happy and satisfied! This isn’t just “plastic surgery”. This is me peeling away to reveal the “Me” who has been hidden all this time! I can finally breathe and live again. I am free.

ID Hospital: How was the forehead reduction surgery? Was there much swelling or pain? How was the healing process?

Echo: The surgery was a success! I had minimal swelling and pain. I had a fast recovery. Even for my previous jaw and rhinoplasty surgeries, I healed quickly so I am very thankful.



ID Hospital: Any tips for patients coming to Korea to have surgery for the first time?

Echo: Ignore the culture shock. South Korea is a conservative country – please keep that in mind and prepare yourself, don’t take anything personally. Keep your confidence! With me, I felt very self-conscious as I was all bandaged up and feeling very ugly. Who cares! You were blessed to have this opportunity. Take advantage of this moment, as this is the turning moment of your life.

ID Hospital: What would you say having these surgeries has done for your life?

Echo: It has given me life, given me my life back. My surgeries aren’t necessarily to “look appealing”, that is a bonus of course, but it was to gain consciousness. To match who I am on the inside and live my best life, as my best self.



ID Hospital: Would you recommend ID Hospital to others, and why?

Echo: To have it done right the first time, and the best! Yes, 100% , I recommend ID Hospital.

ID Hospital: Anyone who sees the amazing transformation you have undergone will be rooting for you! What would you like to say to other transgender patients who want to life their most authentic life?

Echo: Be strong! Fear isn’t meant to hold you back! It’s meant to push you forward! Oh! And I love you! Do not wait or live life for others, knowing who you are and being true to yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself.



We wish the best for your future and will keep watching your progress from here on out! I was great to share this experience with you, and not only are your surgery results wonderful, but you are radiating with self-confidence and that is something everyone wishes for themselves.

Just like Echo, who has been on this journey and sharing her progress, so can you. This is your time now, you can finally be free and be yourself. This is our message to you, “No more Hiding.”

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