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How to elongate a short chin with plastic surgery at ID Hospital

Concerned about your short chin?

Wondering how to elongate a short chin?

First and foremost, what is considered a short chin?


elongate a short chin


For the perfect facial harmony, there is a certain ratio used to determine if your face has the right proportions. Due to Asians liking shorter, sharper chins, the ratio used is 1:1:0.8, but generally, the ratio is 1:1:1. This means the length of the upper, middle and lower part of the face should be the same. So does this mean that you need surgery if your face does not meet this ratio?

Even though beauty standards vary slightly per country, facial harmony for an individual’s face can be achieved by correcting the proportions.
With the increasing acceptance of plastic surgery worldwide, surgically enhancing facial features is no longer considered taboo. Therefore, it is no surprise that an increasing number of foreign patients are coming to Korea to undergo facial bone contouring surgeries. Facial bone contouring surgeries not only require special skill and technique, but clinical experience is also crucial in selecting the correct surgeon.


elongate a short chin
The patient underwent V-line surgery, so her jaw was reduced and her chin was elongated. The after picture is takes at two weeks post-surgery so she is still in the process of healing (swelling reduces unevenly)


In particular, due to a possible risk of nerve damage, doctor’s expertise should be highly considered. Korean surgeons are considered the top surgeons in that field, using more advanced surgical techniques. In fact, ID Hospital’s facial bone surgery specialists have published the first book on facial bone contouring, sharing their knowledge in this ever growing field of plastic surgery.


Surgical methods to elongate a short chin


elongate a short chin
Sliding genioplasty


Mini V-line surgery also known as genioplasty is used to alter the shape and size of the chin. A long chin can be reduced, and a short chin can be elongated with this surgery. In addition, the chin can be made narrower, asymmetrical chin can be corrected with this procedure. Formerly, a sliding genioplasty was used to elongate the chin, but that surgery was not sufficient. Mini V-line surgery can be customized to aesthetically correct the chin, so sliding genioplasty and chin lengthening, elongating or narrowing can be done in combination for the perfect results. The bone is resected using the T-osteotomy method, with a portion of the bone removed while the rest is placed systematically and fixated with pins.


elongate a short chin
T-osteotomy method for surgery


On the other hand, V-line surgery reduces the jaw and includes genioplasty. The genioplasty surgery can be used to reduce, sharpen, or elongate the chin, whilst also reducing jaw size. For patients who have a short chin and wide jaw, V-line surgery can be used to elongate a short chin, to make it match with the other facial features.


elongate a short chin
X-ray results for V-line surgery with the chin elongated and advanced forward.


Another method to elongate a short chin is with a chin implant surgery. A silicone implant is used to augment the chin, fixed in place with screws, to create a longer chin. Both surgical methods can extend the chin by 2 mm to 4 mm. Although it may not seem like much, that level of extension is enough to dramatically transform the facial proportions. The chin implant method may cost lesser, but for patients who don’t like the idea of having a foreign object in their body, then facial bone surgery is the way to go.

Any surgical route you choose will help enhance your looks and give you the perfect facial contour. As always, surgical plan is advised upon face to face consultation with a surgeon, and may differ based on the individual.

For any surgery inquiries, please contact us through our various channels or post here for an online consultation.

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