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Emilia’s whimsical plastic surgery journey with ID Hospital

In May, Emilia came to ID Hospital all the way from Sweden to have some surgeries at ID Hospital. Emilia is a very talented young artist, who is known for her cosplay, great costumes and make-up looks. We had a heart to heart with her to get to know her a bit better!



ID Hospital: Hi Emilia! Welcome to Korea! Tell us some more about yourself!

Emilia: Hi, it’s so lovely to be here! I’m Emilia and I’m a 25 year old “all-round artist”. I love to express myself, be creative and make things.

ID Hospital: How did you get find out about ID Hospital? Why did you decide to have your surgeries here?

Emilia: I found it several years ago when I was looking up v-line surgery. Later on, I found ID Hospital’s YouTube page and been following you since then! I think the doctors are amazing at ID hospital, so it’s a dream come true to come here and get surgery!



ID Hospital: How many surgeries are you going to have?

Emilia: I’m going to have 3 surgeries rhinoplasty, V-line surgery and a breast augmentation.

ID Hospital: What prompted you to decide to have many surgeries at once?

Emilia: These are surgeries I have been wanting as long as I can remember and would love to do them all at once!



ID Hospital: What do you feel this transformation will do for your life?

Emilia: I have always been really insecure about these parts of myself and it has been holding me back. I think I will be able to enjoy life more and be happier!

ID Hospital: What is your family’s opinion about you going for these surgeries?

Emilia: They are supportive to me, they don’t think I need the surgeries but they are happy for me as long as I’m happy.



ID Hospital: Why are you having these surgeries? What do you hope to achieve?

Emilia: I have always felt insecure about these parts so it’s has always been on my mind that I want to get plastic surgery.I’m not expecting to look like another person I just want a more refined/prettier version of myself!

ID Hospital: How do you view yourself now, before surgery? What is your opinion of yourself?

Emilia: I’m “ok” with myself some days are better than others, but very often these parts of myself can really bring my self-esteem down, especially when I see pictures of myself that other people have taken of me.



ID Hospital: Will these surgeries make you feel more confident about yourself? Are you nervous about having these surgeries?

Emilia: Yes! I do really believe that it will. Yes, I’m very nervous because I have never had surgeries before but I trust that my doctors will do a great job!

Emilia had a lot of swelling post-surgery, and even at the one month post-surgery mark, there is quite a bit of swelling so we will catch up with her 3 months post-surgery for an update and post-surgery pictures!


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