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Thai singer Engfa Waraha and her dramatic transformation in ID Hospital

    Thai singer Engfa Waraha and her dramatic transformation in ID Hospital

   Famous Thai singer Engfa Waraha has amazed her fans after dramatic transformation in ID Hospital. Engfa is very famous singer and participant of Thailand “Voice” 2018 competition, model and actress. She visited Korea in August, 2019 for several procedures in order to enhance her beauty for a future career.

   Engfa is 23 years old, born in a musician’s family. She has been practicing singing since early childhood. However, she felt, that she needed to overcome her appearance’s insecurities to achieve more in modeling and acting.

Firstly, nose and breast were Engfa’s main concerns. Secondly, Engfa wanted to enhance her overall look. ID Hospital doctor recommended getting  V3 lifting and accusculpting during consultation for skin rejuvenation and tightening effect.

   What surgeries did she have to achieve dramatic transformation in ID Hospital?

   Engfa underwent “Barbie line rhinoplasty” by Dr. Son to make her nostrils more narrow and her nose line more defined. Additionally, she chose “Full HD Breast augmentation” , performed by Dr. Shin. This is a unique technique using endoscope to create Natural Y-line tear drop shaped breasts. Finally, Dr. Seo tightened her facial skin with V3 lift – new technological lift surgery created by ID, and Accusculpt (facial lipo) –  laser device that is effective for breaking down fat to create a beautiful facial contour by removing unnecessary facial fat and giving elasticity to the skin.

   Engfa’s result turned out way beyond expectations. Only within 3 weeks she became happier and more confident. Her dramatic transformation after plastic surgery in ID Hospital got noticed by her fans and colleagues in social media, causing an enormous amount of compliments and positive comments.



      We wish all the best to Engfa in her future singing, modeling and acting career and thank her for entrusting beauty to ID Hospital.


— “A princess became a queen. 3 years later.” —


      It has been 3 years since the charming singer, actress, and model Engfa from Thailand had her
transformation at ID Hospital Korea. Despite of pandemic situation she kept working on her career to
become a woman of success. She won the title of Miss Grand Bangkok 2022. After winning the provincial
stage she took part in the national pageant.


Recently beautiful Engfa won a national contest “Miss Grand Thailand 2022” as the representative of the
capital city Bangkok, and she will represent the country at Miss Grand International 2022 programmed
to be held in Indonesia in October 2022.


We sincerely congratulate Engfa on her well-deserved success. We are pleased to see you accomplish
your goals and can’t be more thrilled about her choosing ID Hospital. ID Hospital’s best wishes for Engfa’s
future endeavors.



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