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  • Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial Contouring Hospital in Korea

Korean Facial Feminization Surgeries Hospital

Offering surgeries to give you a smaller, beautiful, and feminine face shape

The ultimate goal for anyone who wishes to have a smaller,
beautiful, and feminine face is to have FFS (facial feminization surgery). ID Hospital Korea performs the Facial Feminization Surgeries to cater to anyone can get a beautiful and feminine appearance.

Types of Facial Feminization Surgery in Korea

Customized surgery based on individual face structure

No matter what face shape you have, it can be improved.
FFS is not a surgery package, the surgeries are recommended based on each individual’s face shape.
So, do not hesitate to visit Hospital which is certified by the Korean Health and Welfare Ministry

How is Facial Feminization Surgery done in Korea?

Highly experienced, board-certified surgeons perform surgeries to improve appearance and resolve functional issues
  • Step 1: Desired surgical outcomes discussed in-depth during consultation
  • Step 2 : Thorough examination with total of 50 types of tests are conducted
  • Step 3 : Precise diagnosis and analysis through using X-ray and CT scan
  • Step 4 : Surgical planning meeting of professional medical staff
  • Step 5 : Proceed with safe surgery with an anesthesiologist
  • Step 6 : Admission for post-operative recovery and health check
  • Step 7 : After care services for faster healing process
  • Step 8 : Check the progress and condition of the patient

The Most Popular Facial Feminization Surgery in Korea

These are the most popular FFS surgeries in ID Hospital Korea

1. V line Surgery
2. Rhinoplasty
3. Forehead Reduction
4. Cheekbone Reduction
5. Fat Graft
6. Face Lift
7. Brow bone Reduction
8. Breast Augmentation
9. Accusculpt Laser

ID Hospital’s Facial Feminization Surgery Patients

Check our transgender patients’ surgery stories. No more hiding!

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Facial Feminization surgeries

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  • Are translation services available for foreigners?Yes, ID Hospital is provides translation in your preferred language. 1: 1 consultation translator will take care of you during consultation, surgery, check-up, and recovery, so that you can focus on your surgery without any inconvenience.
  • How long is the recovery period after surgery? The recovery period differs depending on the type of surgery. Major level of swelling and bruises may last for 3 to 5 weeks, and minor swelling lasts from 3 to 6 months on average. Every individual will have a different healing time, but the most important point is to follow all the instructions given post-surgery to heal well.
  • Do I need to be admitted to the hospital for all surgeries? Generally, you can be discharged on the same day for some surgeries. In many cases, patients who undergo surgery in the morning, can wake up from anesthesia and return home alone in the afternoon, but patients who have facial contouring surgeries will stay overnight in the ward. (please read your post-surgery manual given to you at the hospital).
  • Is SRS included in the FFS surgeries available at ID Hospital?Unfortunately, SRS surgery is not included in the FFS surgeries. However, we do have body contouring surgeries along with facial feminization surgeries. If you had SRS surgery, make sure to inform the online consultant.
  • I have had surgery in the past, is revision surgery an option for me? For any type of revision surgery, a face to face consultation with the surgeon is required. Detailed tests, X-rays etc. are required by the surgeon to evaluate if a revision surgery is possible. With cases like revision V-line surgery, if the bones have already been cut very close to the nerve lines, then revision surgery may not be possible.
  • I have had vocal chord surgery, can I undergo general anesthesia? Can I have FFS surgeries?Vocal chord surgery changes the size of the airway passage, so patients who have had vocal chord surgery unfortunately cannot undergo surgeries that require general anesthesia at our Hospital. The tube has to be inserted during surgery, so if the airway passage is below 5mm, then surgery is not possible.
  • I have had a tracheal shave/ Adam’s apple shaving surgery, so can I have FFS surgeries that require general anesthesia?Patients who have undergone tracheal shaving surgery are required to submit a current neck CT scan so our specialist can evaluate if the airway passage size is large enough for the general anesthesia tubes. If so, then surgery is possible.
  • I am on hormones, is that alright? When should I stop taking my hormones before the surgery?Whilst making a booking, disclosure of your medical history and current medication is mandatory. The medication names, dosage and frequency is submitted to the internal medicine specialist and you will receive information about when to stop the hormone medication.
  • Do I need to have a blood test before coming to ID Hospital to have surgery?For patients who have a clean bill of health, and have had a recent check-up within 3 months of the surgery date, it may not be required. If you have not had your blood tested in 3-6 months, then we recommend getting a CBC blood test and sending us the results before booking your surgery. The reason is, there are some cases wherein the patients cannot have surgery if they have some medical conditions like syphilis (undiagnosed and untreated), HIV, thrombosis, liver somatic level is high etc, so knowing your health status in advance will help you avoid cancelling your surgery after arriving to the Hospital and having the pre-surgery examinations.