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Gabbie’s Facial Feminization Surgery Journey with ID Hospital

Gabbie facial feminization surgery ID Hospital
Gabbie Before surgery and one month post-surgery


We welcomed Gabbie from the Philippines who came to have her FFS surgeries at ID Hospital.

Gabbie, 35, was born and raised in Philippines. She first came to realize she is a female at 3 years old and started her transition at 18 years old. She came to ID Hospital Korea to complete her transition with FFS surgeries.


Before Surgery


ID Hospital: How did you get find ID Hospital? Why did you decide to have your surgeries here?

Gabbie: I am a big fan of Korean drama series and KPOP so I have watched the “Let Me In” show and saw the wonderful transformations and the great results they got. Plus I read a lot of good reviews of ID hospital, so I decided to come and have surgery here.

ID Hospital: How many surgeries are you going to have? Why did you decide to have those surgeries?

Gabbie: Rhinoplasty, Cheekbone reduction and V line. I think this would make me a lot prettier and more feminine.


Gabbie facial feminization surgery ID Hospital
Gabbie: Before and one month post-surgery


ID Hospital: Are you currently on hormones? How long have you been on hormones? How did your body change with HRT?

Gabbie: Started taking it when I was 18 and took Diane 35 initially then changed to Estradiol and Premarin.

ID Hospital: What was it like coming out to family and friends? Were they accepting?

Gabbie: I did not come out per se as my family and friends already had an inkling that I am a female so it is like an open secret.


Gabbie facial feminization surgery ID Hospital
Gabbie’s Side profile X-ray, before and after surgery


Post-surgery 1 month


ID Hospital: It has been a month post-surgery, so how has the healing process been for you?

Gabbie: As explained to me before my surgery, it can take up to 6 months to have a clearer picture of the results. I still have some bruising and swelling on my jaw area but I still can see a great change in my facial features. Even though it is healing slowly, you can still see the difference.

ID Hospital: Are you satisfied with the results so far?

Gabbie: Yes, I am well satisfied. Especially with my nose and I get a lot of comments about how nice it looks 🙂


Gabbie facial feminization surgery ID Hospital
Gabbie’s Basal X-ray before and after surgery


ID Hospital: Have you seen any positive changes in your life post-surgery?

Gabbie: Yes, even if still have some bruising and swelling, my face is way better now compared to before. I don’t need to edit my photos anymore because the shape of my face is now smaller.

ID Hospital: What would you say the surgeries have done for your confidence?

Gabbie: It boosted my confidence even more because of the nice comments I am getting from my family, friends and colleagues after the surgery.

ID Hospital: Would you recommend your friends or family to have surgery? If so, why?

Gabbie: Absolutely! ID hospital is one of the, if not “THE” best hospital to have cosmetic surgery. The fact that I was not forced to get other surgeries that I don’t need so far means a lot to me. It showed me that it is not just a beauty business but they also show great concern for their patients.


Gabbie facial feminization surgery ID Hospital


ID Hospital: What have you learned from your surgery experience at ID Hospital?

Gabbie: I learned that dreams really do come true and ID hospital made it happen for me. I always wanted to change my features that were too masculine. Initially, I had some reservations about facial surgery because I heard of horror stories about face deformation due to medical malpractice but then ID hospital has erased those thoughts with my surgery results! It is only a month after my surgeries but the results speak for themselves! So I only trust ID hospital!

ID Hospital: What would you like to say to other transgender patients? Any messages you would like to share?

Gabbie: Being a transgender itself is very difficult; moreover to have features that are very masculine makes it even harder. These features “out” you to people which will rebound to disrespect and bullying. That is why I had FFS with ID hospital because I do not want to ever experience being bullied for who I choose to be. ID hospital has qualified doctors who specialize in FFS. Now I am more confident and happy with a more feminine looking face.

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