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Gigi’s FFS transformation with ID Hospital


Gigi, an exuberant twenty-three year old, born and raised in Canada came to have her FFS transformation at ID Hospital. She started her transition when she was 21 years old, and came to ID Hospital to have the FFS transformation to complete her transition. We had a heart-to-heart and to get to know her better before her surgery.


ID Hospital: When did you first come to realize that you are a female?

Gigi: When I was really young, people were telling me that I should be like the other boys and stop “acting” like a girl. Only, I wasn’t “acting” like a girl, I was only being myself. So in a sense, I always knew that I am a female.



ID Hospital: How long have you been on hormones? How did your body change with HRT?

Gigi: I have been on hormones for a year and a half so far. Fat re-distribution was one of the main changes my body has experienced so far, and started to fill out in all the right places.

ID Hospital: What was it like coming out to family and friends? Were they accepting?

Gigi: My experience coming out has been positive and I’m grateful that I have a supportive family and friend base, as I know that’s not the case for many of my Trans brothers and sisters.




ID Hospital: Do people treat you differently? How do you deal with it?

Gigi: People do treat me differently because I carry myself in a different way than before. I’m just being me, so other people’s opinions do not really matter to me.

ID Hospital: How did you get find ID Hospital? Why did you decide to have your surgeries here?

Gigi: I found out about ID hospital through social media. I have done my research on many hospitals around the world and I believe ID is the most safest and effective clinic, so I chose to have my FFS transformation here.



ID Hospital: What surgeries will you have? Why did you decide to have those surgeries?

Gigi: I will be having rhinoplasty, to get a more feminine nose. I will also get facial contouring surgeries like V-line surgeryCheekbone reduction surgery, Brow bone reduction surgery and forehead reduction surgery so it is really facial feminization surgeries, no body contouring involved. I decided to have the surgeries I’m getting because I feel they will feminize my face to the greatest extent. I also decided to have all the surgeries at once, so I know the healing period will be longer but I am happy and excited for my results.

ID Hospital: What would you like to say to other transgender patients? Any messages you would like to share?

Gigi: My message to all Trans patients is “Be strong, believe in yourself, and to take care of yourself first.”


FFS transformation


Please note that the patient still has a lot of swelling, which reduces asymmetrically, and the images are 1 month post-surgery so these are not the final surgery results, only progress shots.

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