LET ME IN Season 3
A collaboration of id’s medical team from Korea’s top hospital
Full story of happy transformation at id!

The ‘Unattractive’ mother’s happy and amazing transformation

Heart-touching, Let Me In 3

Change that needed to be done
What’s her behind story?


The poor mother who can’t even receive love from her own husband
How can we help her???


Unclear pronunciation due to malocclusion, difficulties chewing, sunken cheekbone that makes her face look flat


Eyes that look depressed due to asymmetry and droopyness


Her teeth suffering from severe malocclusion and periodontitis

id’s special diagnosis for her

Q. What’s the diagnosis for her case?


1.Malocclusion, protruding jaw, sunken cheekbone and forehead


2.Eyes that look closed and depressed, flat nose


3.Droopy, deflated breasts due to breastfeeding

Let Me In Doctor
Doctor Sang Hoon Park ’s diagnosis!

Mrs. Kim Eun Ae needs No-tie Two-jaw Surgery and orthodontic treatment to fix her malocclusion and protruding jaw. Also, Cheekbone Reduction Surgery and V-line Surgery will change her face shape into a more refined, beautiful one.
Moreover, her eyes will be enlarged, and her forehead and nose will be fixed, transforming her and giving her a touch of beauty and sophistication. – id Plastic Surgery Hospital, Dr. Sang Hoon Park


For Kim Eun Ae

id Plastic Surgery Hospital id Doctors

Id’s Special ‘Poly-clinic System’
After setting up a systematic and perfect surgery plan, all medical staff from each department plans the safest surgery for the patient.
Orthognathic, Facial Contouring Surgery

Malocclusion and protruding jaw can be fixed through Orthognathic Surgery . V-line Surgery and Cheekbone Reduction Surgery will create a smooth, cute, and young-looking face

Sang hoon Park, M.D., Ph.D.
Orthognathic Surgery Center, Facial Contouring Center/
Board-certified Plastic Surgeon


  • Ph.D., Seoul National University, College of Medicine
  • Professor, Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan Medical School
  • Director, Center for Craniofacial Deformities, Asan Medical Center
  • Medical Advisor, Department of Plastic Surgery, Seoul National University
  • Visiting professor, Department of Plastic Surgery, NYU Medical Center
  • Visiting professor, University of Texas at Dallas
  • Full member, the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

Rhinoplasty, fat injection

“We will change the flat nose and forehead, to give her a refined face.”

Il hwan Kim, M.D., Ph.D.
Eyes, Nose, Breast, Petit Center /
Board-certified Plastic Surgeon


  • Ph.D., MD., Kyungbook University College of Medicine
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Kyungbook University College of Medicine
  • Representative Director, Jelim Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic, Gangnam Branch
  • Full member, the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons
  • Full member, the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Full member, Korean Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association

Her amazing transformation!
She was born again!


Happy Face Plan for Kim Eun Ae

id Hospital’s special know-how of facial bone surgery, beauty plex, dentist, and face diet

[A] Forehead Fat Graft

Fat graft on the flat and sunken forehead to create a volumized forehead

[B] Non-incisional Eyelid Surgery + Epicanthoplasty

Eyes that look sleepy are improved into natural and defined eyes through Non-incisional Eyelid Surgery and Epicanthoplasty

[C] Reposition of Fat Under Eyes

Fat under eyes that caused dark under eye area is removed and repositioned to create a brighter image

[D] Barbie-line Nose Surgery

Small and flat nose bridge as well as the tip are heightened to upgrade her features

[E] Cheekbone Volume Surgery

Reducing the width of sunken cheekbone, adding more dimension to it to create a younger image

[F] Orthodontic & Cavity Treatment

Orthodontic treatment on upper and lower teeth along with cavity treatment to make healthy and beautiful teeth

[G] V-line Surgery

V-line Surgery for a smooth jaw line and improvement for saggy skin to create a defined V-line

[H] No-tie Two-jaw Surgery

Asymmetry, short chin, protruding jaw improved for a decent look through No-tie Two-jaw Surgery

[I]Bikini Breast Surgery, Correction of saggy breasts

Saggy breasts improved into more voluminous and balanced breasts

I am born again, not as someone’s ‘wife’,
but as a confident woman.


I had a protruding jaw, sleepy-looking eyes, and saggy breasts, and I was abandoned by my husband. After changing at id, he is looking at me back again. I’ve come to love myself, and I feel like I can do anything with confidence! I truly appreciate all id doctors who gave me a new life!

We wish the best luck for Kim Eun Ae!

Beauty that you could never imagine

“id Hospital”

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The impeccable transformation

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The impeccable transformation

The regained confidence of
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