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Male Plastic Surgery at ID Hospital in Korea

You should never feel bad for investing in your appearance. Increasingly more and more men are turning to plastic surgery to enhance their features. Male plastic surgery is a complex area of surgery as male features not only differ physiologically but also the male beauty standard is drastically different from women’s.

Here we’re going to go through the various procedures that ID Hospital has a specialty in for male patients. Of course, anyone can get any type of plastic surgery for any reason, but these are the specific procedures that ID Hospital specializes in for male patients.

Male Rhinoplasty

The nose is the most prominent part of the face it is what defines our profile. Whether your nose is flat, humped or wide ID’s men’s rhinoplasty is the surgery for you to look your best. We take the best parts of your natural features and enhance them with our surgical expertise to give you maximum satisfaction.

Male Eyelid Surgery

As one of Korea’s leading plastic surgery hospitals, ID knows all about eyes from double eyelid surgery to ptosis correction. We specialize in Asian eyelid surgery of all kinds. ID can give you bigger, more handsome eyes without sacrificing a natural end result. If you get comments that you look tired, or use your forehead muscles to fully open your eyes, then ID’s pro doctors can help you with aesthetics as well as function.

Male Jaw Surgery

Some men want to enhance their jawbones for the purpose of looking more masculine. Others wish for a softer overall face shape by trimming their jawlines. Whatever your wish, ID is here to help. You can learn more about our jaw surgeries on our Male Plastic Surgery page on our website.

Male Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic Surgery is the repositioning of the jawbone either forwards to help with an indented chin, or backwards to help with a thick jaw or underbite, or even to fix a protruding mouth. ID is a world leader in the field of orthognathic surgery. Being a hospital with a facial bone center and having top doctors with decades of combined experience gives ID the edge in orthognathic surgery.

Male Cheekbone Reduction

For a slimmer and tighter facial line, cheekbone reduction is the way to go! As a large hospital with a specialist facial bone center, ID Hospital understands the needs and wants of men when it comes to facial contouring. ID works on a system of S.E.S – Slimming, Elasticity and Safety. And at ID we understand the unique desires of male plastic surgery patients as opposed to women.

Male Abdomen Lipofit

Male Abdomen Lipofit is a non-surgical form of abdominal liposuction. No surgery involved! It’s a two-step process: First a high intensity ultrasonic lipolysis Laser is used to get rid of fat with ultrasound energy. This process doesn’t harm the surrounding tissues. The second is an Elimination injection developed by id Slimming Plex This will help to release the fat destroyed by the lipolysis laser and stimulates blood circulation to the area. Professional medical staff with years of experience will perform your procedure. Helping you to loose stubborn abdomen fat without incision or surgery.


Cost of Plastic Surgery for Men

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