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Megan’s breast augmentation surgery at ID Hospital

Megan, 29 years old, was born and raised in the USA. She moved to Korea a few years back and has been residing in Korea since. She had a breast augmentation surgery on January 2017, and we caught up with here to check on her progress.




ID Hospital: Hi Megan! It is almost 2 years since your surgery and you look amazing. We can see the surgery results look so natural. I am so curious though, why did you decide to have a breast augmentation surgery in the first place?
Megan: I decided to get it because I wanted bigger, fuller breasts that look nice in anything and give me a more feminine appearance.

ID Hospital: Did you encounter any difficulties whilst healing?
Megan: My back hurt a lot for about 2 weeks and the incision area under my breasts were very sensitive so I had to wear soft bras while healing.




ID Hospital: Have you seen any positive changes in your life post-surgery? Are you satisfied with the results so far?
Megan: I was always confident so in that way I don’t feel any different but I like not having to worry about losing my breasts during fitness competitions since I have to compete at a lower body fat, and that would mean losing breast tissue. The surgery gives me a more feminine appearance and they look nice with my fit body.




ID Hospital: Do you think having larger breasts improves body confidence?
Megan: Of course, it does. Anytime you do anything, like change your hair etc., it can improve your confidence. Having surgery is the same.




ID Hospital: What would you like to say to other patients who are considering a breast augmentation surgery? Any tips/messages you would like to share?

Megan: I would just like to say do what you want to do. Don’t get surgery because you feel like people won’t like you without it. Any decision you make is for YOU and you alone. If you feel like you want to get it, don’t let people keep you from doing it either. It’s your life. Be happy and get surgery if you want to. You won’t regret it!

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