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Bone Density Test

Bone Density Test in Korea

for orthognathic/facial contouring surgery

Bone density test in Korea confirms the possibility of orthognathic/facial contouring surgeries.

Bone Density Test in korea including

Why does id Hospital focus on the bone density test?

“It’s because bone density test is essential prior to orthognathic/facial contouring surgery!”

If patients who have low bone density undergo orthognathic/facial contouring surgery, risk of side effects can increase in every step–from surgery, recovery and even to aftercare. Therefore, , it is essential to have a bone density test to prevent side effects.

A lot of patients have missed having bone density test in korea before surgery.

As the hospital with high expertise level, id is conducting [Bone Density Test] as part of our preoperative medical examinations.

If you have a good bone density result, your surgical result will be great as well!

Aesthetic high satisfaction
Functional Quick Recovery
  • Bones can be trimmed to the desired shape
  • No risk of nerve damage from fine bones
  • Easy to chew food as a result of the normal function of jaw muscle
  • No problem with having conversations because of an accurate occlusion of firm bones

A step by step bone density test

Measurement of facial bone
Measurement of Tarsal bone

It is a test that checks the amount of reduced bone compared to the normal density level. In order to ensure timely recovery after facial surgery, it is important to confirm whether or not the bone density level is in a normal range. In general, bone density test is called ‘osteoporosis test’, and it is normally measured in the hip joint and spine. However, id Hospital conducts it on the facial area where the procedure gives a direct effect as well as the foot.

Another important test; growth plate test!

“Check your current and future growth conditions”
Check your current
Bone Density Test for anyone, at once!
For anyone regardless of the age
dont go far. one time is enough
“Safe plastic surgery without even a slight risk”

Bone Density Test is one of id’s preoperative medical examinations. We conduct over 50 types of comprehensive medical examinations to ensure safe surgery.