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Ultimate guide on breast implants used in Korea


breast implants


Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most performed surgeries worldwide so anyone considering surgery should have adequate information on breast implants. Breast augmentation surgery is performed by inserting breast implants to create larger breasts. Patients can select their implants, but following a surgeon’s recommendation is also important to assure that the desired results can be achieved.

Breast implants can be made of either silicone or saline, but most surgeons in Korea use silicone implants exclusively for breast augmentation so we will compare silicone implants used in Korea.


breast implants

Silicone implants are made of a silicone outer layer filled with silicone gel, regular or highly cohesive (gummy type). Regular gel is feels softer, so it feels more natural whereas highly cohesive is firmer to the touch and maintains its shape better. Each type has its pros and cons.

The various types of implants are divided based on different categories like, size, shape, texture etc. Depending on your body shape, shoulder width, distance between breasts, skin elasticity and breast size, the appropriate breast implants are selected upon consultation.


Breast Implants Size


The size of the breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters. Depending on the desired cup size and the available breast tissues, the right size can be determined. The same implant will not look the same on two different people, due to the difference in each individual’s body frame and breast tissues.

Breast Implants Texture


breast implants


The implant texture refers to the type of surface of the outer layer of the silicone implant.

Smooth: Smooth type implants have a smooth surface and the outer shell is comprised of five layers that hold the silicone gel in place so the implant is soft. Smooth type implants are only available in round shape. The smooth surface does not adhere to the breast pocket.

Textured: The outer layer is comprised of 6 layers so it is thicker, and the texture is like sandpaper. They adhere to the breast tissue and reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

Micro Texture: Micro texture implants created by Bella gel, combine both positive aspects of the other implant textures. The outer layer is made up of five layers, like the round implant so it is very soft, but the outer layer is more finely textured than the textured implant to help adhere to the breast tissues well.

Breast Implants Shape


Round: As the name suggests, the implants are round in shape. This shape creates a more projected, round breasts.

Teardrop: Teardrop implants are narrower at the top and fuller at the base, like a teardrop. This shape looks like a natural breast shape especially when viewed from the side.


breast implants

Projection and height are also selected based on the amount of skin elasticity and natural breast tissue of the individual. The projection is categorized as low, medium or high, and the height is either moderate or tall. The right shape, height and projection can be determined by the surgeon upon consultation.

Breast Implants Price


Price differs depending on the weight of the implant and the manufacturer. Highly cohesive gel implants (gummy type) cost more due to the fact they closely resemble the texture and feel of natural firm breasts. The technology of breast implant technology has advanced, so there are more affordable implants in the market that produce great results.


Do I need additional fat graft?


breast implants

In case the space between the breasts is more than three centimeters, then additional fat graft may be required to create more natural looking breasts. Women who lack volume in the chest area, need additional fat graft to create more natural shaped breasts. The fat is collected from the abdomen or thigh area, centrifuged and then added into the chest area for volume so the implants do not look so artificial.

Popular Breast Implant choices in Korea


Bella gel, Motiva, Naturelle, Mentor and Sebbin are popular breast implants manufacturers that supply implants in Korea. They are all FDA approved.


breast implants

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