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Useful apps to help you while you are in Korea

Travelling to another country can be hectic, even more so if you are planning to have surgery there. No worries, we got you covered! Here are some useful apps to help you navigate your way in Korea, find places to visit and eat. All these useful apps can be downloaded for iPhone and android phones.


Naver Map: Google map is not very accurate in Korea, so finding many places on it is difficult. Naver map has updates their app and is not available in English too. This is one of the most useful apps as it will help you navigate all around Korea.



Kakao Metro: Seoul has one of the best metro systems in the world, and this app will help you navigate through stations, along with accurate timetables and station information.

Kakao Bus: This is another useful app, but the bus stops are mentioned in Korean, so searching by the bus stop number will be more useful. Also includes information for intercity buses.



Kakao Taxi: For those who want to ride a taxi, kakao taxi is a useful app for calling a taxi. The app is in English, but please note that drivers do not usually speak English, and the driver may call to verify if you are at the specified location.

Google translate: Google translate is not very accurate, however, it can help when you are in a tight spot, and cannot convey your message. You can take pictures of street signs, notices etc, and translate them to get an idea of the topic. Naver dictionary also has a translation tab, which is also useful.



Mango Plate: If Korean cuisine is new to you, and you are not sure on what to try, mango plate is the app for you. The reviews are in Korean but you can see the overall rating of the restaurant and you can find all types of restaurants and coffee shops around you and see their menu and location. Additionally, you can also type in the restaurant name in Naver map, to find the location and how to get there.



Visit Korea/I tour Korea: These apps are useful and help you find tourist attractions and places to eat all around Korea, with travel and price information included.

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