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V-line VS Mini V-line Simplified: Everything You Need to Know

Facial bone contouring surgeries like V-line, Mini V-line, cheekbone reduction etc. are used to alter the shape of the face from different angles to create a more balanced face shape. For altering the length and width of the face, different surgeries can be used. Let us focus on reducing the size of the lower part of the face, the jaw and chin area. Patients always get confused between the V-line surgery and the Mini V-line surgery and are not sure which surgery is best suited for their desired looks.

Due to every individual being different and having different proportions, the way the bones are shaved (Osteotomy) differs for every case. Furthermore, the desired results also determine which surgery is more appropriate. Let us take a look at the differences below with examples.


V-line surgery


V-line surgery is suited for individuals who wish to reduce the jaw and chin bone size. When the jaw is squared or angular, it looks more masculine so the bone can be shaved to create a softer facial contour. As for the chin, the length and width are adjusted to fit with the reduced jaw bone for the perfect jaw shape. This surgery feminizes the face, creating a smaller jaw and chin.



The amount of bone which gets shaved can be discussed with the surgeon, depending on what results are expected. For example, our patient Echo wanted a more dramatic change but still wanted to look very natural. As the results show in the image above, the jaw shape has completely transformed the way her face looks, she looks amazing.


Mini V-line surgery



On the other hand, Mini V-line surgery only changes the shape of the chin. This surgery is suitable for someone who has a small jaw and only needs to alter the chin. This works for several types of chins, from asymmetric, wide, round, short etc., to a more proportionate chin shape. Even if you do have a bit of a squared jaw that you want to leave as is, then you can only have the chin altered with this surgery.



Like our patient, Kayla, her only concern was having a sharper chin. However, the jaws also look slimmer because of the reduction of the chin size. For her face shape, the Mini V-line was enough to give her a V-shaped face.

Which surgery is required, greatly differs based on the current face shape and the desired results. The things to consider before selecting a Hospital to get facial contouring procedures can be summarized below as:


  • Experience level of the surgeon is vital, so the selection of the surgeon is important and can make all the difference in the type of results you get.
  • The safety level of the Hospital/Clinic you select to have your surgery at.
  • The types of pre-surgery examination done, board-certified anesthesiologist who is supervising the surgery is very important as well.
  • Post-surgery care should be explained well, and you should be well cared for.


We are always ready to help you figure out the right surgery for your case so contact us for further information.

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