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FFS Procedures 1 year results: Echo from USA

Echo from USA got all of her FFS procedures at ID Hospital. She came to Korea twice to get all her surgeries. We caught up with her one year after her second visit to check how her healing has progressed and what changes have happened in her life since.


FFS procedures


ID Hospital: Hi Echo! We hope you are doing well. It’s been more than 1 year since your initial surgeries and less than a year for the breast augmentation. Are you happy with your surgery results?

Echo: I am super happy with my results. It was amazing to come out from surgery with them feeling super soft, and I was just happy with the way they looked. Before going into surgery, I knew they would be perfect, and they were. I loved having that confidence.

ID Hospital: Why did you decide to come all the way to Korea for your FFS procedures? Why not have your surgeries in the States?

Echo: I feel like surgery and reputation are taken more seriously in Korea. I looked all over the US and even looked at doctors who did surgeries for other patients (even through youtube videos) and I felt like they looked the same after surgery.

I didn’t see what I wanted to see…that transformation. It was just like a slight alteration. I didn’t want a drastic alteration but I did want to look natural and younger.

I didn’t want to look like a slightly altered version of my former self, I wanted to look like the ME that I had in mind. It was amazing really, coming together with the doctors and being on the same page, it is pretty fascinating.

I think the quality is not something you can easily get, especially with doctors. A lot of people go for cheaper, and that’s what they get. For me, to say I am satisfied with the surgery results is an understatement.


FFS procedures


ID Hospital: Do you think getting FFS procedures was a good decision?

Echo: I definitely think that getting surgeries was a good decision. I feel that surgery is somewhat essential for transwomen and transmen. This was something that I felt was mandatory for me. In my head, and this is something that I have always told myself, If I will get surgery then I have to get done it right. ID Hospital definitely did it right.

ID Hospital: Do you regret any of the FFS procedures you have had?

Echo: Out of all the surgeries I have had, I do not regret any of them at all. After all of those years living in the wrong body, then to have ID hospital give me the face and body that I always wanted…that too on the first try. I have no regrets.


FFS procedures


ID Hospital: Do you feel like the more FFS procedures you have, the more you want to get?

Echo: I don’t think so. I would say probably, any surgeries I choose to have after will be more like, filling the blanks. If you get one thing done, then your whole look and vibe change. After the surgeries I have had at ID Hospital, I still feel that there are some more surgeries I want to complete my image.

ID Hospital: What changed in your life as a direct result of the FFS procedures?

Echo: As a direct result of the surgeries, my whole life changed. As a transwoman, and not fitting society’s idea of who I should be, I got stares. I can’t tell if they are good stares or not.

After my surgeries, everything changed. I get complimented all the time. I get stalked! I have had quite a few advantages. I even met the love of my life. I am not saying it is directly because of the surgeries, but the surgeries gave me the confidence to get out there, and I am getting married within the next year.


FFS procedures


ID Hospital: For someone who is just starting their transition, what advice would you like to share with them?

Echo: For anyone who is just starting their transition, I would say don’t give up. Just because it seems like you might not be able to afford your FFS procedures, Don’t give up. The universe or whatever deity you believe in will make a way for you to get what you want.

So don’t give up, believe in yourself and keep pushing on because you are worth it.

Thank you all so much. Id hospital, I am forever grateful. What you have done for me, has been beyond extraordinary. It just feels good to be myself. It just feels so good to live my truth and be free. I love you ID Hospital and thank you so much.


FFS procedures


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