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Maya’s FFS revision breast surgery at ID Hospital

We welcomed Maya, our lovely patient from Germany, once again at ID Hospital. She came to have a FFS revision breast augmentation surgery and second session of fat graft.


FFS revision breast surgery


ID Hospital: What surgery have you had this time?
Maya: I had my breast surgery a few years back, but one side of my breast feels really hard. Not only that, the implant size is too small compared to my shoulder width. I wanted to a revision surgery to have bigger breasts and get rid of the pain. I am also having a second session of fat graft.

ID Hospital: Why did you decide to come back to id hospital?

Maya: I loved the FFS surgery results of my facial surgeries and since I am happy with the results, I decided to come back for my revision surgery for my breasts here.


FFS revision breast surgery


ID Hospital: How did the surgery go?

Maya: I had capsular contracture on my left breast so the doctor said I need to have a capsulectomy to remove the hard scar tissues. The hospital didn’t have the implant size I wanted, so I had to wait a few days so they can get the implants, but I didn’t want to settle for a smaller size. I got 550 cc allergen tear drop shaped implants because wanted more natural looking results. I love the texture of the breasts, they are so soft!


FFS revision breast surgery


ID Hospital: What other surgery do you plan to have in the future?

Maya: I wanted more FFS procedures , like the philtrum reduction surgery by since I had rhinoplasty, they told me I cannot have it. I still insisted on seeing the doctor and asking. The doctor told me the same thing basically since I had alarplasty, there would be scar tissue in the nostril area which is also the incision area for the philtrum reduction surgery.

The doctor didn’t recommend the surgery for me. He said that it would be complicated and would leave very obvious scars so I decided not to go for it based on the doctor’s recommendation. I am very happy that the doctor was very honest with me rather than just telling me to have surgery that I shouldn’t be getting.


FFS revision breast surgery



ID Hospital: Are you satisfied with the results? Would you recommend other patients to have surgery here?

Maya: So far, I have had eight surgeries. It sounds like a lot, but I had surgeries in the span of a year. I had my FFS and I am very satisfied with the results. I would totally recommend my friends to have surgery at ID Hospital.


FFS revision breast surgery


ID Hospital: What would you like to say to other transgender patients? Any messages you would like to share?

Maya: Ladies! You can be yourselves. I had surgery and I am so happy when I look in the mirror and see that I am the woman I always thought I am. I just feel happy and at peace. There is no reason to live your life unhappy. Find your true happiness, whether it is being your true self or achieving your dream, just do it for yourself.

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    • Me gustaría saber si en esta clínica tienen intérpretes en español quiero hacer una cirugía de rejuvenecimiento y lipo y de mandíbula pero yo no hablo inglés solo español me podrían ayudar con el interprete en español muchas gracias

      • Hola, tenemos un traductor de español para consultas en línea y consultas cara a cara. Si desea obtener la consulta, ¡contáctenos! +821040065904 (Whatsapp)

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