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Miraculous story of transformation only by id Hospital!

The ‘Flat-Chest’ Mother’s amazing transformation in LET ME IN

“My mom became beautiful!”

Miraculous Makeover Show
What’s the story of the ‘flat-chest’ mother?

Wife of a man, mother of three sons – a happy family
But she can never talk about her problem!


She opens her problem

Doctors of id Hospital, We introduce you the dream team.

The Specialized Interdisciplinary Procedures, Only Available at id Hospital
All of our medical staff plans for the most safe surgery to operate a perfect surgery


Your facial bone and protruding mouth evidently develop as you age! No-tie Double-jaw Surgery, V-line Square Jaw Surgery, and Cheekbone Surgery can improve protruding mouth and create a small face as well as a slim facial line.

We will help you with recreating breast, the symbol of females, as well as eyes and nose. Also, the implants used for the surgery have low risk of contracture, excellent texture, and a natural look everyone is highly satisfied with.


Crooked gum bone along with teeth cannot be fixed solely through orthodontic treatment. No-tie Double-jaw Surgery will correct the position of jaw bone, and the occlusion as well as teeth alignment will be treated through orthodontic treatment.

Unbelievable transformation of

the ‘flat-chest’ mother!

100 days of a long wait to be reborn


‘The Beauty Plan’ for Park, Hwa-Sung

Facial bone surgery, Dentist, Face Diet, id’s Special Know-How

[A] Forehead Implant

Flat and sunken forehead changed into one with smooth and volumized line through fat graft.

[B] Face Diet

Systematic care for swelling and bruises as well as saggy and dark skin after surgery

[C] Seven-Lock Non-incision Method

Eyes with a harsh-glaring look changed soft and defined

[D] Cheekbone Surgery

Protruding cheekbone reduced to change the face into a small and young-looking face

[E] Barbie-line Nose Surgery

Small and flat nose heightened to create a dimensional and sophisticated look

[F] Orthodontic Treatment

Correcting malocclusion of upper and lower teeth as well as uneven teeth line

[G] V-line Square Jaw Surgery

Angular jaw changed with a smooth and feminine V-line

[H] No-tie Double jaw Surgery

Protruding mouth and malocclusion fixed and changed with a straight and perfect side look through No-tie Two-jaw Surgery

[I] Bikini Breast Surgery

Volume added to the flat chest to create breast that goes well with tight tops and bikini.

Beauty that you could never imagine

“id Hospital”

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Specialized hospital in facial bone surgery with the most clinical experience

id Hospital is a safe, hospital-level medical institution that specialized in facial bone surgery as the first hospital with the most clinical experience.

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Surgery Centers that Complete Your Beauty

It’s a beauty plex that has surgery centers by field, such as eyes, nose, and petit. It widens the beauty spectrum by completing your beauty and balance.

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Systematic diagnosis by Dental Clinic, Orthodontic Clinic, and Anesthesia Clinic through poly-clinic system

As a differentiated hospital-level medical institution, it provides high-quality medical service with joint-treatment system to touch aesthetic and functional part together.

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Perfect Aftercare and a Promise to give you a ‘Small Face’

Aftercare for swelling and bruises along with a secret recipe for face reduction by a professional aesthetic brand called Face Diet promises you a small face.

Dreams of being reborn into a beauty

‘Kim, Su-Hyun’
See more in detail about Kim Su Hyun

Dreams of being reborn into a beauty

‘Kim, Su-Hyun’

Season Ⅱ’s Huh, Ye-Eun’s Chinese Twin

Protruding jaw
‘Guo Fang Yuan’
See more in detail about Guo Fang Yuan

Season Ⅱ’s Huh, Ye-Eun’s Chinese Twin

Protruding jaw
‘Guo Fang Yuan’

The reborn glamourous mother

The abandoned wife
‘Kim, Eun-Ae’
See more in detail about Kim Eun AE

The reborn glamourous mother

The abandoned wife
‘Kim, Eun-Ae’