LET ME IN Season III Premiere in China!
For the first time!

Guo Fang Yuan,Chinese version of Huh Ye Eun
She has come to id.

A long way from home, the trust of beauty lies in the hands of id Hospital.

Filled with hopes and dreams, the unimaginable second Huh, Ye-Eun

The girl with the protruding jaw, Guo Fang Yuan!

  • Name:Guo Fang Yuan
  • Age:18 years old
  • Lives in:Anhui, China
  • Occupation:College student (Civil engineering)
  • Problem:Left her jaw damaged from the fall at her age of 4
    Lost the golden time for treatment, severe deformation on her facial bone
    • - Severely protruding jaw and malocclusion
    • - Lower jaw protruding by 17mm, pronunciation and mastication problem
  • -Desired area:Wants to fix her protruding jaw with the hope of becoming

Guo Fang Yuan finally comes to Korea!

And meets Huh, Ye-Eun!


Doctor! What is Guo Fang Yuan’s diagnosis?

Guo Fang Yuan has a severely protruding jaw and malocclusion. Lower jaw that is protruded by 17mm should be treated as soon as possible, and the upper and lower jaw should be occluded through No-tie Double jaw Surgery.

id-hospital-chinese-version-malocclusion [id operated surgery that is only necessary for Guo Fang Yuan.]


For Guo Fang Yuan

id’s Happy Face Plan

For Guo Fang Yuan, we will operate ‘No-tie Double jaw Surgery’ and ‘V-line Square Jaw Surgery’ to improve her severely protruding jaw and malocclusion. After that, teeth positions will be corrected through orthodontic treatment.

id Plastic Surgery, Facial Contouring Center, Doctor Park Sang Hoon

We will operate ‘V3 Lifting Surgery’ that simultaneously lifts saggy skin and fat muscle after orthognathic surgery to create a slim and elastic V-line.

id Plastic Surgery, Eye & Nose Surgery Center, Doctor Seo Young Tae

Severe malocclusion will be improved and fixed to give her healthy teeth through orthodontic treatment.

id Dentist, Specialist in Orthodontics, Doctor Lee Yang Gu

Guo Fang Yuan’s Happy Face Plan sought a natural look that goes with the trend of plastic surgery in China.
We avoided unnecessary surgery and focused on protruding jaw and open occlusion that needed improvement the most.

Unbelievably amazing transformation


Healthy Happy Face Plastic Surgery for Guo Fang Yuan

Facial bone surgery, Dentist, Face Diet, id’s Special Know-How

[A] V3 Lifting

A perfect V-line created by improving all three of skin, fat, and muscle

[B] Orthodontic treatment

Severe malocclusion fixed through orthodontic treatment after orthognathic surgery to create aligned and healthy teeth! Steady orthodontic treatment will be given!

[C] V-line Square Jaw Surgery

T-osteotomy and square jaw surgery combined to create a small and slim facial line to the tip of her chin

[D] No-tie Double jaw Surgery

Severely protruding jaw that hindered its function is improved through ‘No-tie Double jaw Surgery’ to make a healthy and aesthetically stable face

Guo Fang Yuan’s happy transformation!

Girl who dreamed of becoming the 2nd Huh, Ye Eun! She is born again as the Chinese ‘Huh, Ye-Eun’ at id Hospital!


id Hospital will continue to give help to Guo Fang Yuan from now on.

Beauty that you could never imagine

“id Hospital”

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