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Plastic Surgery in Korea: Xiomary’s Experience at ID Hospital

Xiomary is a 21-year-old from Puerto Rico and came to get plastic surgery in Korea. Since she knew ID Hospital specializes in complete facial makeovers, she decided to have her surgeries here. She currently studies communications and hopes to become a full-fledged actress in the future.

Plastic Surgery in Korea


We interviewed her before her surgeries to get to know her better and what her surgery expectations are. We also met her a week after to get her feedback about the healing process.

ID Hospital: How did you get to know ID Hospital?

Xiomary: Since a very long time I’ve wanted to reduce my jaw and chin. I’ve always searched videos and reviews online and ID Hospital always stood out as the best to me. They had a lot of information and videos of clients that helped me understand the surgeries better and also decide what to do.


Plastic Surgery in Korea


ID Hospital: Why did you decide to get plastic surgery in Korea?

Xiomary: I was following ID Hospital for a long time, and came here for a consultation. I also had many consultations at other clinics but I wanted to have surgeries at ID.

After the consultation, I applied for the ID Models 2019 contest and won! So I eventually had surgery at at ID Hospital, which was my first and only choice. Also, I really like the Korean aesthetic, so for that type of look, I think getting plastic surgery in Korea is the best option.

ID Hospital: What is your family’s opinion about you going for these surgeries?

Xiomary: My dad had originally thought I didn’t need the surgeries but my mom has always been supportive. They have both come to accept that it is something that will help me be more comfortable in my skin. They were both comfortable with the idea of me getting plastic surgery in Korea.

ID Hospital: Are you nervous about having plastic surgery in Korea?

Xiomary: I was eager to have the surgery as soon as possible and to my surprise, my dream came true. I know I will be nervous before the surgery but for now, I am just excited.


Plastic Surgery in Korea


ID Hospital: Why are you thinking of getting plastic surgery in Korea?

Xiomary: I like my face and just like any other person’s face, it is not perfect and it will never be. I can, however, make small changes that can help me love myself more. Even though I like my forehead shape, I feel like it is too big. I also dislike my square jaw and my smile lines because I think they are too prominent.

ID Hospital: Why did you decide to be a model?

Xiomary: I think modeling is a great way to express yourself in different ways and record that on digital/live pictures. They last for a long time and keep your memories safe.

I’ve been modeling for 2 years now. I started at 19 years old and continue to work on my modeling career, and hope to expand to acting after I get my surgeries.

ID Hospital: Why did you decide to have plastic surgery in Korea, even though you are already a model?

Xiomary: As I was training as a model, I learned many things about myself and how to become more confident, but there were things I wanted to improve in myself that would make me happier. Ever since I was little, I’ve always been insecure about my forehead and jaw. I never imagined I could get an opportunity to actually improve those areas as I thought that was impossible to do.

When I was young I fell on the concrete floor and scrapped half of my face and because of it, my eye doesn’t open as well as it should. Even with photo editing my professional photographs, I feel like my face appears asymmetric. I hope to improve my overall facial proportions and be more confident when posing for pictures.

Plastic Surgery in Korea

ID Hospital: What are your expectations for this surgery? What do you think will change in your life due to these surgeries?

Xiomary: I am hoping that with these surgeries, I no longer have to hide anymore. I can finally let my bangs grow or even cut my hair short without worrying about how strong my jaw looks or how long/wide my forehead is.

I think as my confidence increases, I will have more opportunities knocking on my door. One of my biggest worries will be taken care of with these surgeries, and for that, I couldn’t be more thankful.

1-2 Weeks post-surgery

ID Hospital: What challenges did you face during the first week after your surgeries?

Xiomary: For the surgery itself, I wasn’t nervous until I entered the surgery room but even so the nurses were comforting and in a blink of an eye I was already back in the resting room.

From then on, the first 3 days after the surgery are the worst, only because of the swelling and discomfort. Washing my hair and trying not to get my stitches wet was also a bit of a hassle for me.

Also maybe having to wait to eat foods I love, since I have to be extra careful with my body to give it enough nutrients it needs for it to heal faster.

Plastic Surgery in Korea

ID Hospital: What was a typical day like after surgery? Which activities can you take part in? Did you have to make dietary changes?

Xiomary: Usually I just rested throughout the day: laying down, eating, sleeping; and at night time I would just go outside and walk for a while. There were not many impediments and I could do normal daily things, anything that didn’t require me to do any strenuous activity that would make me sweat or tired.

For the first 3 days, I had many liquids like juices, smoothies, and soups, after that I could just eat anything soft/small enough for me to swallow like rice, eggs, bananas, noodles, bread, cookies, etc. I always made sure to drink something with lots of nutrients also like pumpkin juice.

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For anyone considering plastic surgery in Korea, then being prepared mentally for the healing process is important. 


Plastic surgery in Korea

ID Hospital: Your swelling has reduced so fast, and since you are young, your healing is also very fast! You had all the stitches removed on the 10th day after surgery, whereas for normal cases, the stitches are removed 14 days post-surgery. Did you do anything specific to heal faster?

Xiomary: I think what contributed to my quick healing was eating well, walking and oral hygiene. I tried to eat as much as I could (healthy food) and being careful enough with my stitches to not get anything stuck inside my mouth. I gargled the solution quite often every time after eating and extra times often. 

My mouth could open enough to floss a little. After one week, I brushed my teeth twice a day and flossed also plus the gargle so all of those things helped me heal faster without any problems.

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